The Muse : Sleep Fast Awake


Silver sky before the dawn On the lake floats a white swan Timeless it seems and without motion Blazing starlight soul’s devotion Crossing roads at thoughts turnpike Traveling smoothly through my psyche Clearly I see a million lights While shadows dance in silent nights The eggshell got a severe crack Under this cosmic love attack […]

On Pure Will: Frater Appolonious- Final Draft


      On Pure Will   Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.   AL:I.44 “For pure will, unassuaged of purpose, delivered from the lust of result, is every way perfect.”   Over and over again, we find Thelemites saying: “it is my will to [do this or that]” and […]

The Muse : Crimson Day (for K.)


The morning on a crimson daythe grass blades-wicked spearsof Mars to slaythe grey ghost world-“reality”-set upon the backdropof a colorful dreamwhile sunlight bleeds through skinlike fountain inkthrough cotton paper.Day light claims the brain, of the crimson day.           The fading swoon of a fairy greenand a sweet cubefor the short rushmore certainthan the eternal […]

The Muse : Diving the Deep


  Oh, my deep song, voice of the stars, Hidden within the dark soul of my heart.   Hallowed the sound, wind and bright wings. The sparrow is choking and singing for me.   Dive the great deep, the horizon swings. Endlessly falling and spinning the sea.   Return from the black, the forge struck anew. Wellspring of […]

New2Gnosis: Depression, by Frater Apollonius


Hi All…another question found in the inbox this morning: I regularly see occultists ask in other groups about depression and grief, would you please address this [sic] from a Gnostic perspective. First, there’s everything healthy and functional about grief; if it’s a temporary state of mind. When we’ve lost someone; either through a break-up of […]

New2Gnosis: The Subject of Lucifer


Hi All…another question came into my mailbox: With so many popularizing Lucifer the morning star, could you [give] this myth’s place in Gnostic practice? There’s a certain difficulty in this. As is said, a lie told often enough, becomes the truth. Lucifer in Christian terminology has become synonymous with Satan. And though Satan is a […]

Baphomet: By Daniel Reed


Baphomet In This is all magical power found To enter the College of the Holy Ghost To lift Thy Sword To rend the Great Veil To slay Thyself In this death We call Life In the spin of this Wheel This equilibrium of the 8 and 3 This becoming of the Triangle This Silver Triangle […]

Discovering Gnosis : First Matter By C. F. Russell


First published in The Occult Digest, October 1930 THE FIRST MATTER A Series of three Articles By C. F. Russell ALCHEMY is an Arabic term comprising the article “al” and the adjective “khemi” which means “Egyptian.” The chief pursuit of the Alchemist is the same as that of the mystic, the magician, and occultists in […]

New2Gnosis : Gnostic Cosmology by Frater Apollonius


Another question was sent to us by email: Can you please explain briefly the gnostic cosmology and where humans stand in this mix? This is a bit difficult to answer in that there are several different cosmologies adopted by different sects of Gnostics. The best way to understand these is to understand that any cosmology […]

The Muse: Poetry and Art of the Gods


Fire twice burnt, Two pyres light my singing as upwards they reach. Oh that the land be scorched with the sweetness of my spirit, and bring forth this childe. The lament of death, dying once more. They that hide in the wind, Who know all lessons of past abuses, Who stood in groves not touched […]

Discovering Gnosis: The Sacred Human


  Gnostic philosophy is often confused and misrepresented as the synonymous with traditional Christian Religion. Branded as heretics and marginalized by the more modern religions of the world, Gnosticism holds one of the most self-respecting belief systems to date. Often confused with more traditional sects of Christianity, the truth of what this ancient Science teaches […]