Introductory Notes on the Formula of the Rose Cross

By Frater 493


Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

Non-personal consciousness is the collective consciousness of the human race. By progressing in Initiation and ascending the Tree of Life- theoretically building upon what may have been accomplished in a previous incarnation in regards to one’s spiritual development- we are contributing to the inertia of the development of this collective consciousness. The evolution of personal consciousness, which is at the same time the evolution of Non- Personal consciousness, is sexual by its very nature. It is a process of Love under Will. It is the primary function of the very nature of the universe. It is the creative force and is the foundation of the universe. The union of opposites that facilitates this progress is explicitly sexual.

The integration of our disparate selves and the full realization of our true, inner natures are analogous to the flourishing of the collective aspirations of our race of people. These various selves are the manifold ‘personalities’ within us, each with its own set of values, purposes, desires, etc. Just as the Man (or Woman) through devotion to their Ideal learns to unify his purposes and function as a harmonious unit, so too does that Adept work toward union with the larger reality in which he works and of which he is a part. The metaphors abound for integration of our body, mind and spirit and for the higher, non-personal union: The union of Shiva and Shakti, Kundalini, uniting of Ha and Tha, Sun and Moon, positive and negative polarities, space and time, matter and motion, etc.

The highest form of this sexual union is the Unio Mystica, the trans-material union with God. One very exceptional symbol for this is what the Rosicrucians called the Cross of Gold fitted with the Ruby Rose. The Rosicrucians are a philosophical secret society that seems to have begun in late medieval Germany. The purpose of this movement is to provide members, or “Initiates,” with esoteric knowledge of nature, the physical world, and the spiritual worlds. Their methods were centered on Christian mysticism and Alchemy. The primary symbol of this invisible order of Adepts is the Rose Cross; indeed, it is a symbol, which represents the entire universe.

Man is a Microcosm (a little universe unto himself). We have at our essential core a Point Event: “the fundamental entity of observed physical reality represented by a point designated by three coordinates of place and one of time in the space-time continuum postulated by the theory of relativity, but without extension in these four dimensions.” It is a qabalistic zero. It cannot even be considered to exist, as we generally use the term. It is the potential of us; it is what is left if we were to subtract every quality of ourselves: our body, our khu, our mind, soul, etc. This is Hadit, and we will soon see how this idea unfolds as we continue describing the Rose Cross.

We can consider this Point Event to be a regular cube, cf AL II; 7. “I am the Magician and the Exorcist. I am the axle of the wheel, and the cube in the circle. “Come unto me” is a foolish word: for it is I that go.” A regular cube has 3 dimensions and 6 sides surrounding the center, and 12 edges. This gives us the number of Tarot Trumps and the number of Hebrew letters – 22. We know that the 22 paths contain the four elements, the seven planets, and the twelve constellations, which comprise the girdle of Our Lady Nuit, and the path that our Sun takes through our little corner of infinite space. This demonstrates that the entire universe is contained within each of us. Now, this is not to assert some silly notion that one is the only God, or that nothing has objective reality. Rather, this statement is to mean that we are the same as the infinite universe. We contain within myself all of the forces and elements, and that our consciousness is the same as the universal consciousness.

Obviously, this is a difficult subject to translate from mystical experience into rational discourse. To realize in the mind these truths, we must expand our conception of the universe to include every possible idea and not be limited by the mundane ego. This is related to the Night of Pan, the so-called Ego Death, where our little ego falls away and the unified, exalted “I” (who is the Adept and the Angel) then yields Itself up as “perfume… into the nostrils of the stars.” (Liber VII, Prologue: v.6) See also:

Liber LXXI: 19. Saith the Great Law:—”In order to become the KNOWER of ALL-SELF, thou hast first of SELF to be the knower.” To reach the knowledge of that SELF, thou hast to give up Self to Non-Self, Being to Non-Being, and then thou canst repose between the wings of the GREAT BIRD. Aye, sweet is rest between the wings of that which is not born, nor dies, but is the AUM throughout eternal ages.

The words “give up” may be explained as “yield” in its subtler or quasi-masochistic erotic sense, but on a higher plane. In the following quotation from the “Great Law” it explains that the yielding is not the beginning but the end of the Path.

Then let the End awake. Long hast thou slept, O great God Terminus! Long ages hast thou waited at the end of the city and the roads thereof.    Awake Thou! wait no more!Nay, Lord! but I am come to Thee. It is I that wait at last. The prophet cried against the mountain; come thou hither, that I may speak with thee! The mountain stirred not. Therefore went the prophet unto the mountain, and spake unto it. But the feet of the prophet were weary, and the mountain heard not his voice. But I have called unto Thee, and I have journeyed unto Thee, and it availed me not. I waited patiently, and Thou wast with me from the beginning. This now I know, O my beloved, and we are stretched at our ease among the vines. But these thy prophets; they must cry aloud and scourge themselves; they must cross trackless wastes and unfathomed oceans; to await Thee is the end, not the beginning. [LXV, II, 55-62]

But the above quoted material is all still a potentiality. In the context of the Point Event and the cube, all is still contained within. The unfolding of this cube, which is representative of Hadit, the Point Event, we produce a cross of six squares. 6 is the Hexagram, which is representative of the planets and the Zodiac. The visual appearance of the Hexagram furthers the idea that we are the reflection of the infinite universe itself. The interlaced Red and Blue triangles of the Hexagram of Ra Hoor Khuit signify the merging of the passion and com-passion into an ultra-violet shade that is beyond the material perception.

The cross thus represents a universe that is the Alpha and Omega of all manifestations. It is our Divine Mother, our Mistress, and our Queen. It is our essential divinity unfolded into creation, and as such, gives rise to the Microcosm, symbolized in our Rose Cross by the rose of five petals, which is fixed in the center of the cross. The number five has been the number of man- 5 limbs, 5 senses, 5 holes in our head, etc. This rose affixed to the cross is the glyph of the Adeptus Minor grade of the A.’.A.’.. But as of now, the I, Hadit, the Point Event, has extended into the universe. It has established itself as a 5, separate from the 6 (Our number is 11) and now it binds itself to the cross via the four dimensions of position and time. This is what was mentioned above, and is now symbolized by the four green barbs that fix the rose to the cross.

Now we can investigate how all the potentialities we spoke of come into manifestation through my Being. The true formula of the Rose and Cross is to unite oneself, the masculine Hadit point with Nuit, the very absolute idea of all-encompassing femininity, which is reflected through the lower planes of existence in one’s relationships, and yet, to counter-balance this, the soul of the aspirant takes on a definite feminine quality, as it is the Heh Final of the Tetragrammaton wedded to the Holy Guardian Angel- the Vav of the Tetragrammaton. This Soul has been perfected through the inner work of the lower A.’.A.’. grades, and is Asar Un Nefer, the Magickal Childe of all previous operations, and awaits the communion with the Holy Guardian Angel. A new consciousness has transcended the old consciousness, the old worldview. The Aspirant is the gilded Cross that we mentioned earlier, the result of the transmutation of base metals into gold. All base instincts are transmuted into a golden illumination. This is not the seeking of attainment, but the preparation for it. A further analogy is the Isis/Osiris myth. Osiris, though masculine and erect, takes on a passive role as Isis takes on the active role in their coitus. 

In terms of the A.’.A.’., grade of Zelator, one understands that one must not be lead astray by one’s relationships. We must learn from them, but ultimately we must try to include the widest possible variety of experiences into our conception of God. We begin with the people and experiences around us, ever spiraling outward to include our teachers, students, elementals, planetary intelligences, the Secret Chiefs, etc., until we can formulate the Universe in one thought.

To depict this, the Rosicrucians began expanding this symbol outward from the rosy cross we have just outlined. First formed around this rose cross are the Mother Letters of the Qabalah corresponding with the Elements, then the seven planetary letters, and finally the twelve zodiacal letters. These are the functions, powers, and qualities that we manifest in our Being. This full realization of our Self would constitute us an Adept, a Brother of the Rosy Cross.

This fully expanded rose is now placed in the midst of a larger side-cubed cross. This larger Cross constitutes the manifested world. The four extremities of this cross represent the Four Philosophic Elements: Horizontally we have Fire (Red) and Water (Blue). Vertically we have Air (Yellow) and Earth (c.o.r.b.) These elemental arms of the cross are colored in the King Scale of our Holy Qabalah and have as their correspondences the Paths of ShYN, MYM, ALPh and ThV. Pentagrams and Alchemical sigils finish the emblems of the arms of this Cross. Behind the entire structure are 4 majors rays and 8 minors rays, white, with the initials I.N.R.I., L.V.X. and I.A.O. printed thereon. These rays of light, the LVX in particular is transmitted from Master to Disciple and is the true transmission of spiritual wisdom.

All of this represents our universal uniqueness. Every aspect of the Godhead (each Individual) operates under the same laws and rules, but how we go about coloring within those lines, manifesting our particular section of the 5th dimensional ENTITY into a 4 dimensional world is up to us.

We have had a tendency to mold our interests to conform to what others expect of us. We must recognize this and girding up ourselves against outside influences. The Star Ruby, particularly, helps us fortify our ego against what someone else may expect us to do, say, think, feel, etc. Yet more so, we slowly killing off those parts of us that are so easily influenced by the desires of others.

We discover our own tastes and interests, and so much the better that they are unique! We learn to do things our own way, and that is what makes every man and every woman a Star. This is the reflection into the Ruach of the nature of our khu. Our tastes in food and music, my certain affinities and interest, my skills and talents, our unique way of viewing this wonderful creation of ours- these are the Letters of the Paths; these are the Rays of Spiritual Light that we shine into the universe. (Yet, beyond this is the N.O.X.)

While this all seems concise and logical, we am confronted with the knowledge that the Rose is Nuit, and the Cross is Hadit. The cross is very suggestive of coordinates, of “x marks the spot” and of cross-hairs. Hadit is everywhere the center, and this position is demarcated by y=n x=n where n is any number soever, thus every number is infinite and there is no difference.

If Hadit is the cross-hair then Nuit is the lens and the scope itself, but one that has no boundary, as we are taught in AL. Nuit is also represented by the circle and the minus symbol, as a complement to Hadit as the symbol of addition. The minus sign, while indicating the feminine quality, furthermore, if extended in both directions, will eventually, according to Pythagoras, come around to form the circle. It makes no difference should this take an infinitely long time to complete.

What does the rose symbolize? The Ruby Rose is the perfect medicine of all imperfect bodies, changing them into the best Gold and cures all diseased of men, easing them of all pains and miseries. (Confessio Fraternitatis). The Ruby Rose is the Wisdom of God, the opening of all the chakras, the prana entering the sushumna, union with God. It is the transformational experience that takes our tattered and dry-rotted frame and fills it with the LVX, the spiritual Light, which then, symbolically of course, becomes Gold, the perfect metal. Our Vegetable-nature evolves into a Metallic one, to continue the alchemical analogy.

The ruby rose, qalabistically is Tiphareth, Netzach and the path of Venus. The Cross of the elements is Malkuth, and form is symbolized of course, by the smaller cross at the center of the larger Hermetic Rose Cross. The larger cross could be from Kether to Malkuth and from Geburah to Chesed. Tiphareth still, is the Ruby Rose.

The Point Event, Hadit, the Cube, unfolded its divine heritage and manifested. This then sets up a duality, a division. It is for this very reason that the N.O.X. signs as given in Liber V vel Reguli correspond the way they do: Nuit/Puella, Hadit/Puer, Therion/Vir, Babalon/Mulier. We, as the eternal and ineffable Godhead have chosen to create the (apparent) division. From this we abstracted the ubiquitous dichotomies: Matter/Motion, Life/Death, Noun/Verb, Nuit/Hadit, etc. To explain the symbolism of the Cross, I attach a chapter from Liber 333, The Book of Lies:



Mighty and erect is this Will of mine, this Pyramid of fire whose summit is lost in Heaven. Upon it have I burned the corpse of my desires.

Mighty and erect is this Φαλλοσ of my Will. The seed thereof is That which I have borne within me from Eternity; and it is lost within the Body of Our Lady of the Stars.

I am not I; I am but an hollow tube to bring down Fire from Heaven.

Mighty and marvellous is this Weakness, this Heaven which draweth me into Her Womb, this Dome which hideth, which absorbeth, Me.

This is The Night wherein I am lost, the Love through which I am no longer I.


The card 15 in the Tarot is “The Devil”, the mediaeval blind for Pan.

The title of the chapter refers to the Phallus, which is here identified with the will. The Greek word Πυραμισ has the same number as Φαλλοσ.

This chapter is quite clear, but one my remark in the last paragraph a reference to the nature of Samadhi.

As man loses his personality in physical love, so does the magician annihilate his divine personality in that which is beyond.

The formula of Samadhi is the same, from the lowest to the highest. The Rosy-Cross is the Universal Key. But, as one proceeds, the Cross becomes greater, until it is the Ace, the Rose, until it is the Word.

The ending of Lilith, by George MacDonald, was both wonderful and terrible. If you remember from the Wake World that some people become so enamored with the astral realms that they dwell there forever. One finds oneself very saddened that Mr. Vane ‘awoke’ in his library, after such the adventure that he had had, and that his Beloved was nowhere found. It was very sorrowful indeed that it was all just a ‘vision’. It was quite easy to indulge in the desire to remain in the astral forever, if one could be with their Love always.

One must not take the manifestations of the Goddess in life, the experiences of clarity and beauty and love to be the final state. One must not be so obsessed with one’s physical world. For instance, the objects that one loves are not the Beloved; it is but a representation of it, the Image of an Image. If we can bring ourselves to consider everything that is Not I to be a symbol, a glyph, an Image of Our Lady Nuit, we can approach Her in a way that is practical and revelatory. The objects of our Love become a partial reflection of the Goddess, the Initiatrix, the Divine Mother.

We can utilize all of this with the formula that unites opposites. The Rose Cross represents the fulfillment of the search for the ultimate balance of soul union; it is the combination of the phallus and the yoni. When we are internally balanced and harmonized, we have the capacity to produce tremendous force and power of our Will. This seems to be stored up in our seminal fluid, and perhaps is the reason why (some of) the Hatha Yogis have established very strict rules for sexual intercourse. There is a current sect of Gnostic Christians who advocate sexual intercourse but forbid the ejaculation of the male seed. I suspect that the formula of the Rose Cross is very much tied in with the IX, X and XI degree of the O.T.O. and utilizes this stored Prana to invoke gods, charge talismans, or fulfill many other types of high magick via the physical manifestations of the sexual process.

 Love is the law, love under will.