The Fifth Power

By Frater 414

1 = 10 AA

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

The Elements

The cross of the elements. Each for elements (earth, air, fire, water) are the four posts of the cross, and the center is the equilibrated state of these elements. Therefore, the cross that is worn is both representative of the tree of life, as well as the elements. In Liber Librae, it is stated that one should establish Thyself firmly in the Equilibrium of forces, in the center of the cross of elements.

Spiritual experience= super normal consciousness that transcends Vanity of thought and Vanity of life.

Consummation of these experiences will reflect into spheres of intellect, and action, thereby producing a Genius. Through training, one becomes a master (templi).

Firstly, one should work on the physical plane, and control of physical nature, within and without. Next, concentrate on the emotions and master them. Thirdly, master the intellect and then the philosophy. Lastly on this plane in the knowledge and conversation of the holy guardian angel. This completes the first Great Work. Is this now Perfected Man? I don’t think so, we are now only about halfway through the Tree of life. After mastering all the previously noted aspects of the individual and His nature, one becomes a master of the temple. After this is only left the Magus and Ipsissimus. At the magister templi grade, one is still not yet Perfect, only a master of his person and all its aspects. One becomes Perfect in the Ipsissimus grade. This means that not only is one a master of himself, but now a master of everything. Yea, the perfect and the perfect are one perfect and not two; nay, are none!


Will/ Energy “Force of the Arm”. This is the power of the being, and the Will to do the chosen task. Its associated word is LIFE. Fire.


Courage “Lust of Archer”. This is the guts of the being, the courage to attempt the chosen task- the love and the lust for the task. Associated word is LIGHT. Air.


Intelligence “Control of Eye”. This is the human element of the mind and brain. This gives the being the necessary skill to do the task. The skill to plan and to execute with intelligence

. Associated word is LIBERTY. Water.


Silence “Bow and Arrow”. This is the beings tool that is used during the task. Associated word is LOVE. Earth.

Firstly, one must be a Bull, with the power and force of the Bull. This is associated with LIFE because it is the LIFE (FORCE), which is in essence the energy to move.

Next, one must be a Lion, with the courage to attempt something that will inevitably be difficult. This is the meaning of “Lust of the Archer”. It is the lust of the being towards His task. The LIGHT here is directing the being in the proper course which illumines the LIFE.

Thirdly, one must be a Human, with Man’s intelligent mind; He can judge the necessary actions and use the necessary skill to carry out His task. This is the Control of the Eye. It is Man’s higher ability to control his body and mind, and to also learn the necessary skills for the task. Here the word LIBERTY is the freedom to bind one’s self to the task, and the freedom to learn the skills, to control certain parts of himself, and to repress certain parts of himself, all for the good of the task. The LIBERTY is a result of the illumination of the will.

Last but not least, one must be a Dragon, carrying out His task in Silence, with the love of His instrument. Hence, the Dragon is the Bow and Arrow. It is the external tool that is used for the task. The word LOVE here is meant to be the love for the instrument. In every task, there is an instrument, and one must love that instrument and take care of it, and keep it in excellent condition to ensure optimum use. The result is LOVE, the imtimate interaction with the Universe.

A couple brief examples:

Mastering the Art of Percussion.
Bull= Will and energy to move limbs while playing
Lion= persistence even through failure
Man= learning the skills to play, reading music
Dragon= the Drums themselves.

One must develop his body to be fit and powerful enough to endure the constant playing and practicing. Also, he must have the courage to persist day after day with practice and learning, even if it seems repetitive and unfruitful. One must also have the knowledge of the drums and the skill to control the muscles, coordination, and ability to read music. Lastly, one must have the drums, or at least the drum-sticks, in order to master percussion. Once must take good care of the instrument to ensure premium sound and play-ability.

Mastery of Art of Yoga
Bull= Will and energy to move muscles
Lion= courage to sit in painful Asanas and practice other limbs of Yoga
Man= knowledge of proper positions, breathing, concentration, etc.
Dragon= the body and mind of the Yogi  

Here the Yogi must have the power and dexterity in his muscles to practice the Yoga, and also the courage to sit in the painful asanas, to practice difficult breathing exercises, and to attempt very trying concentration exercises. One must also have the intelligence to learn the proper poses and breathing. Intelligence is also required to persevere in the concentration of Yoga. The body is the Yogi’s instrument, in that He must use it in various ways, thus is the essence of Yoga. Same goes for the mind, it is also the Yogi’s instrument, in that he must take good care of it, keep it sharp and polished so that it may work at it’s highest level.

This is the essence of the nature of the Sphinx. This is the key to each and every task that one may undertake. In a particular task that one should attempt, think of these four powers, and be sure that all are equal with each other.

Scientific Illuminism and the A.’A.’. Teach methods for Aspirants to learn the Nature and Powers Of their Being, as well as the control and perfection of that Being. There are methods for discovering one’s True Will, and the ways to go about fulfilling that Will, also the A.’.A.’. teaches courage by the ordeals and by certain agonizing methods. The knowledge required is readily available to the Aspirant if one but learn to Listen. The instrument of the Aspirant (body and mind) is developed throughout the successive grades of the Order. The Magical Sphinx is said to be composed of  four beings: a Bull, a Lion, a Human, and an Eagle or Dragon. The natural powers of these four aspects of the Sphinx will lead the Aspirant to full attainment. As a Neophyte, the Aspirant must pass four tests that are set in regards to the Four Powers of the Sphinx. Taken in the context already given, these four tests come by way of an Ordeal, that of the Nephesch, whereby these powers are used to conquer over the depression and sorrow that are reflected upon Malkuth from Binah, and also are used to solve practical problems in the Work.

The Bull, or the Will/Energy, is the higher desire to become initiated. It is the force of the aspirant, the inertia and the driving force to attainment of Yesod. The Lion then would correspond in initiation to the courage and daring actions of ceasing the sorrow, by way of controlling the animal and nourishing the higher aspiration. Also, the taking of chances, the courage to devoting much time to the Work, in spite of the enormous degree of opposition the Aspirant will face. The Human aspect of the Sphinx relates to the conscious, intelligent choice of methods to pursue, and also the knowledge of these methods and the skill to perform them in an efficient, economical, and scientific manner. The Dragon, the Silence, is the tool used to perform my work in this Grade.

The overcoming of the Ordeal is done via rituals, meditation, and ‘right’ speech and action and right thought. The Tools used, the Instruments are my Mind and my Body of Light. Specifically, I do not at this time have the insight to determine indefinitely what the test have been, or will be if they have not yet been set. The test of WILL (BULL) is to have the Will to follow through with any course of action. Which road to take, which path will I chose to ride the inertia of, The Nephesh? Or the Aspiration? This is a question pertaining to the Power to Know as well. This test I feel I have passed or am in the process of passing through at this time. I have made great progress choosing the Path of the Wise, but I am still very close to the fork in the road, and could easily get turned around if I am not attentive. The next Test is that of Courage. The Secret Chiefs are testing my Courage (Lion) with the Work involved in my Initiation? Specifically, I have to dare to experiment with 231, I have to dare not to drink so much, I have to dare to keep distance with Melissa. But those are all very specific situations, what is the Test of Courage in my Initiation? The Courage is to chose the path of the wise over the Nephesh when I know that I will lose all that I have. Even early I could lose friends and loved ones, as the Light of the Neschamah will act as an irritant to the Christist society. So by proceeding with my initiation, I am risking losing all mundane pleasures (seemingly of course, as we know that existence is pure joy). I am risking becoming an outcast, becoming very lonely. I dare to make sacrifices for the Work.

Hence the cornerstones of Thelema are LIGHT LIFE LOVE and LIBERTY. With the perfection of these four powers of the Sphinx, there is nothing that cannot be accomplished. Scientific Illuminism is the perfection of Will, Courage, Intelligence, and Instrument, in order to apprehend universal truths regarding existence and being, and to attain Super Normal Consciousness. The Knowledge and Conversation Thine Holy Guardian Angel is the first landmark of the A.’.A.’.. It resembles the gaining of an all-powerful and all knowing master, who can guide you through the path to perfection.