Discovering Gnosis – Introduction

I am euphoric to have this opportunity to contribute to this work in motion. Thelemic Gnosticism is very exciting to be a part of because of its timely addition to the Great Work. Occultism is popular for many reasons these days. Who can blame those who are curious and consider the mysteries to be worth attention? I have studied and practiced different traditions of esoteric nature for a few years. One thing is sure when one attempts to meet and greet other practitioners, there is a continuing lack of consensus and cooperation between the many who claim to have a secret or hidden knowledge. After years of trial and error, one thing became apparent. Thelema and Gnosticism hold the best lineage for one who seeks to unlock the Western Mysteries and the possibility of discovering their true nature.

In these posts, I want to highlight and bring to attention the basic and fundamental truths about Gnosis, Gnosticism, and how it relates to Thelemic Magick from a seeker’s perspective. Gnostic philosophy as I understand it is marked by the search and attainment of supramundane knowledge via the study and execution of Magick and self examination. Gnosis is the transmuting of that knowledge into an illuminated and transformed existence. What is the Knowledge that is so important? What makes humans unique that Gnostics would suffer death at the hands of Emperors and Inquisitors to preserve?

The words of Aleister Crowley bring this simple but most defining truth to the forefront of the twentieth century.

AL I.2: “Every man and every woman is a Star.”

Written to reveal that humans possess a potential divine nature. All have value, all who wish to liberate themselves from the misinformed consciousness that defeats one’s real potential are invited to seek and “Know Themselves”. I encourage all to read and enjoy the articles in coming months and take the time to investigate this Knowledge, and discover themselves with me. There just may be a hidden gift waiting for you to open and embrace.

In the words of Carl Jung, “Who looks outside dreams; who looks inside, Awakens.”


  1. I thought I did express why I found it interesting. And the description on Google Play should answer your questions about the Yi Jing app. In case it’s still not clear: the commentaries are Crowley and Motta’s commentaries, which Crowley published as Liber CCXVI and Motta published as Equinox III number 7.

  2. You’re quite welcome. I’m glad you’re finding them useful. The (A.’.A.’.) texts are free, but even Crowley charged for the binding. Thelemic Gnosticism has a lot of useful apps. We try to create apps that we want on our devices. It all starts from a need we have.

  3. I picked up on the first couple A.’.A.’. grades and the Book of Thoth, which I use while studying the deck. I’ll be grabbing the Equinox next.

  4. If we are going to be promoting a copywrite issue with any of these apps where you are personally profiting without permission of the owners of this material we will have to remove this link, just so you know. We are not about to loose this forum over illegal file sharing.

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