The Muse: Poetry and Art of the Gods

Herein is some beautiful Poetry contributed by a beloved Thelemite in Germany, enjoy. The fine arts are are a very important part of Gnosis and the manifestation of the 93 current.


A diamond with so many faces
Still One devoid of parts
So are mankind various races
A unity with many hearts
Like an entangled railroad track
Planed twofold destination
Complexity that is the fact
In timeless constellation
A vortex void around a storm
The self softened by motion
Feel full how the songs are born
In this holographic ocean
Little tokens and lucky charms
When soul gets hold of laughter
True vision opens up the arms
And time stops running after
Time out of time not quite the same
It’s a connected dynamic key
A painting loose without a frame
Jump out and you will see


All algorithms on a pile
When melody becomes docile
Beating waves for souls too loud
The devil’s structure is cast out
And plays with God in harmony
Electric backyard symphony
Simple words derived from sound
Left in the field free and unbound
On the highway of structured defense
One simple word reveals all sense
Rewarding motion comes along
Hilarious praise let’s sing this song
Frozen water melts to steam
In the spotlight’s rhythmic beam
Wild horses tame inside a corral
Sun of a fool what is the moral
Just play a different frequency
Axial rotated liberty


Welcome my sole shadow man
Work has been done from now to than
Since time has passed you are the mage
Developing from stage to stage
When a sublime rose is born
It is protected with a thorn
The body circuit sperm in trance
Revival through the magic lance
Masked vision mostly full awake
This stream flows in the clearest lake
Welcome my soul my shadow master
Enhanced to fuse and grow much faster

© Anja Jaenicke 2015


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