Discovering Gnosis: The Sacred Human


Gnostic philosophy is often confused and misrepresented as the synonymous with traditional Christian Religion. Branded as heretics and marginalized by the more modern religions of the world, Gnosticism holds one of the most self-respecting belief systems to date. Often confused with more traditional sects of Christianity, the truth of what this ancient Science teaches is astounding. This article is not an attempt to declare that Gnosticism is the only and best way to live a spiritual life. Nor is it an attempt to trap anyone into unwanted servitude to a religion. I will say this. In my years of esoteric study, rarely has there been such a liberating and dynamic message of healthy respect for one’s self and others. It seems that many who claim to have mysterious and hidden power are themselves trapped in an unconscious cage serving mundane and antiquated illusions.

Our world system, governed by a Monotheistic and Patriarchal rule, has dominated human consciousness for thousands of years as we all painfully know. Is there something about human identity that eludes us? Remember, Gnosis is a means of connecting with the science of internal knowledge through experience. The knowledge that the self is both related to cosmic divinity and is in itself divine. This self-knowledge has always included the Sacred Feminine as well. Which I will touch on quickly here.

In his book entitled “The Gnostic Path to Spiritual Reality,” Donald H. Wolfraim articulates this point well,

” Gnosis is a method of perceiving the spiritual dimension of reality based on one’s inner experiences; a ‘Knowing’ that transcends all -physical limitations associated with the physical senses,”1

So if this be true, why don’t we all operate as though we know this intuitively? Why must the majority of the people we meet be in the dark as to their real potential? Can’t we realize ourselves for who and what we are? Science seems closer to answering the specific issues of that question with great vigor at an alarming rate. Recognizing the Divine Feminine within ourselves and the cosmos around us is one key to experiencing Gnosis. If I deny this birthright to another, how can I honestly experience it myself? One only needs to consider World History and Western Magick and note the many influential and important women such as Dion Fortune to see what is Obvious. Women are just as adept at anything a man can do yet still suffer social persecution in many ways.This falsehood endures in spite of the fact that the Sacred Feminine stood revered for millennia. A visceral amnesia has overtaken the collective consciousness and convinced many that genders and the multifaceted diversity contained within is a point of contention. We must look deep into the past and remember the Great temples of Athena and Venus. Could it be that recognizing our stellar nature and beautiful uniqueness as individuals with equality stands as one obstacle in the path of spiritual evolution?

Aleister Crowley speaking of our lady Babylon and the Lust Trump card said, β€œShe rides astride the Beast; in her left hand she holds the reins, representing the passion which unites them. In her right, she holds aloft the cup, the Holy Grail aflame with love and death. In this cup are mingled the elements of the sacrament of the Aeon” 2

This truth is still resounding today in and available for assimilation into our collective consciousness. Spiritual revelation consists of both male and female influence and that extends to people of all sexual lifestyles and genders. Humans are divine in nature, and all possess the potential to become complete in this truth just as many great teachers and healers that have come before.

Science suggests that there is much more to us than meets the eye. Quantum Physics and new discoveries about our makeup at a subatomic level suggest that we can and do interact with the Universe in a very powerful and exclusive way. Such as is suggested in the fascinating and brilliant article written by Iona Miller.

“This new understanding of the quantum human informational field also gives credibility to the existence of extrasensory perceptions (ESP) and related abilities. Human consciousness is not only empathic, in a “wave-interference” relationship with other mind fields, but also is constantly transmitting and receiving information. “3

What is stopping anyone from realizing this cosmic connection to the divine that was preserved and handed down through the ages for everyone to freely discover? The regression of intelligence or possibly religious prejudice due to lack of education? The false assumption that anything labeled Occult or Esoteric must present a face of bizarre and ridiculous commitment to a cult of personality? The denial of self worth that serves post-modern delusions? One only needs to realize that the falsehood of mainstream world religions who accuse humankind of ” sinfulness ” and insist that we are all in big trouble. There exists no obstacle within human existence except that need to realize our true nature and become aware of our place in the stars. G.R.S Mead put it eloquently when he penned this.

“Indeed, if I believe rightly, the very essence of the Gnosis is the faith that man can transcend the limits of the duality that makes him man, and become a consciously divine being. The problem he has to solve is the problem of his day, the transcending of his present limitations,”4

In subsequent articles, we will take a look at Aleister Crowley’s Aeon of Horus and discover more about the personal liberty that this philosophy offers as well as older Gnostic traditions that herald from pre-Christian history. Those who wish to transcend the mundane and enter the exponential possibility they possess have the key right within them.

AL:1.41″The word of Sin is Restriction. O man! refuse not thy wife, if she will! O lover, if thou wilt, depart! There is no bond that can unite the divided but love: all else is a curse.”5



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