Discovering Gnosis: Gnostic Dialogues With Excerpts from “Tokens of Uraei By Soror Syrinx



“The Gnostic Dialogue is a most potent form of prayer. The ancient Gnostics called this the ‘Dialogue with the Savior.’ Therein, they would take a line from one of their holy books and ruminate on it for a time.” Paul Joseph Rovelli

So, how does one begin? Find works which resonate deeply with you, “inspiring meditative journeys through ancient and modern texts. Gather these tokens, one by one, and let them be as a portal. To what end, you make ask?”

To start with, this is a simple rite I made up using the wisdom from ancient and modern sources.

Needs: Thoth Sun card. You may also find it useful compare and contrast other decks. What story is unfolding? Take time to explore the symbols.

These times are tough and confusing. Become a torch bearer to those who wish to take the leap into the new aeon. Proceed as follows.

Do the Star Ruby.

Next, go before your altar, between the pillars neither fixed in space nor time. Imagine yourself in a great temple…upon a checkered floor and ablaze with candles and invocative incense. Get as elaborate as your skills allow.

Say: On my left, the black pillar. On my right, the white pillar. I come between them as the third point. Opposition is harmonized and restored to unity. Creative power emanates from within me as a binary force. Without opposites, nothing could manifest. Profound is this secret.

Yet I hear whispers of dire warning. I understand if these forces are not held in balance, I would be drawn to one over the other, and thereby err. In that error, these forces would destroy me or reduce life to chaos.

Write on a piece of paper your vow toward balance. Write your faults and what may lead to your downfall.


“Thou shalt find the Eye of Horus standing by thee even as do those (gods who watch).” —Book of Gates

Then burn the paper, watching it transform to ash while flickers flame shoot the atoms in all directions. Imagine the atoms returning, combining as if on a creative mission, forming matter on the material plane. It takes the appearance of a door, which appears between the pillars. It becomes solid in your mind’s eye. Challenge the right to enter. You seek to make entrance, but a voice tells you, “Halt. You must first meditate on Sun card and what it means to you and answer in your own words before you will be allowed to enter.”
Once ready, continue with reading the next quote.


“Thou that art One, our Lord in the Universe the Sun, our Lord in ourselves whose name is Mystery of Mystery, uttermost being whose radiance enlightening the worlds is also the breath that maketh every God even and Death to tremble before Thee—By the Sign of Light + appear Thou glorious upon the throne of the Sun.” (Liber XV)

If you feel you are ready to proceed, imagine the All-Seeing Eye over a door, thick and heavy, visually open the door, a portal is revealed to you. Say the following.

III,38: “So that thy light is in me; & its red flame is as a sword in my hand to push thy order. There is a secret door that I shall make to establish thy way in all the quarters, (these are the adorations, as thou hast written), as it is said:

The light is mine; its rays consume

Me: I have made a secret door

Into the House of Ra and Tum,

Of Khephra and of Ahathoor.

I am thy Theban, O Mentu,

The prophet Ankh-af-na-khonsu!

By Bes-na-Maut my breast I beat;

By wise Ta-Nech I weave my spell.

Show thy star-splendour, O Nuit!

Bid me within thine House to dwell,

O winged snake of light, Hadit!

Abide with me, Ra-Hoor-Khuit!”


Peer into the emptiness, see your vision of the new aeon taking fruition in the void. What gift would you give to Mankind, state in your own words or in the example below?

“May the light enter to educate this evolving world.”

Tremendous fiery rays flow to all corners, purifying and cleansing the earth. Visualize this to the full extent of your capacity.

Finish with mentally closing the door until next time you wish to perform this rite, and doing the Star Ruby.

Document any feelings and experiences.

Beloved of “Us,” as if time and space have ceased for a moment, can you not stand before the ancient pyramids at the same time that you lounge in your present home, while you also loiter before the distant palaces of the future? Expand your mind, your concepts. Do not the words crafted in ancient and modern tongue have the same perseverance? The same motivation? For what? For that which You/Us started back then and that which You/Us will continue in the future.

Can you feel those words touch your heart, calling you to become as a prophet or seer, or a man of learning. From faint stirring of thousand year old dreams to future stars yet to blast forth, you are charged to “see” and to know. You are charged with bringing new Gnosis into this Aeon, keep the chain of light intact from the beginning to the end.

“This book (Tokens of Uraei) is subtitled a Book of Gnostic Dialogues because the meditations/rites contain elements of the Gnostic story that are pertinent to the Aeon of Horus (An age of self-rule, of the child Horus striking out on his own to learn and grow). By participating in these myths and these symbols, it is hoped that your consciousness will carry these mysteries forward; thus, connecting you to the ancient story that began in Egypt to the story being played out now. Ask yourself how you want the rest of it to unfold from your perspective in this universe. In other words, live the Gnostic Dialogue, not merely read it. Be it, at least during moments of study, meditation and/or ritual…until the story resonates and becomes a part of your everyday being, while striving to ascend to higher states of existence, uniting oneself with higher powers, and understanding and embracing one’s True Will, your ultimate purpose and place in life.

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