The Muse : Diving the Deep



Oh, my deep song,

voice of the stars,

Hidden within the dark soul of my heart.


Hallowed the sound,

wind and bright wings.

The sparrow is choking and singing for me.


Dive the great deep,

the horizon swings.

Endlessly falling and spinning the sea.


Return from the black,

the forge struck anew.

Wellspring of light and of self made renewed.


I am first to speak youth,

Last of the void.

Sailing from singular motion and muse.


Seth be my brail,

My slithering maine,

I am the voice of the from the deep I am you.


By Eric O’ Hanley


  1. Erik O’Handley is working with Paul Thomas on this website and he is also doing other things for the church. We’re overjoyed to have him on board. He’s a responsible father to five children, works hard all day, attends college in the evening and still has time to do a lot for the Gnostic Church. Here we find a beautiful poem that shows us that he has his own profound, mystical insight, not unlike others, such as Anya Jaenicke and Margaret Christie Burns. I just love seeing all the poetry that these three are producing and think it’s great that Paul Thomas is providing a place to show off their wares. Please click on an ad to help this website that is working for us.

  2. Thank you Paul, it is a pleasure to work with others here with s heart for progressive scientific Illuminism. I have been distracted as of late seeing off my last high school graduate, wheeew!! I will be devoting much more time to the fourum here and producing more literature very soon, thank you for the kind words .

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