The Muse : Crimson Day (for K.)

The morning
on a crimson day
the grass blades-
wicked spears
of Mars to slay
the grey ghost world-
set upon the backdrop
of a colorful dream
while sunlight bleeds through skin
like fountain ink
through cotton paper.
Day light claims the brain,
 of the crimson day.
          The fading swoon
 of a fairy green
and a sweet cube
for the short rush
more certain
than the eternal high.
For the echoes of Pan’s wild laughter-
forever nigh-
from the fringe
of a primal forest
brush aside the sleepy dew
and for renewed vitality
in a sugar lake.
A mix of color
stolen from a dream
paints the stone grey world,
and a sunbeam, golden and
radiant like her eyes
fills the air with sweetness
while space unfolds around me
and I am pierced,
body and soul.
– by Paul David Thomas


  1. Paul Thomas is one of my top students and a terrific writer and thinker in his own rite. So please read this beautiful work and if you would be so kind, click on one of the ads and help him to generate some revenue to donate to our church. Thanks.

  2. I am honored that you would put such esteem upon me. I absolutely love what We All Here are producing. There is always room on the website for more! People here can privately message me or Erik O’Handley if there is anything they’d like to publish on the site, even anonymously. When we all radiate such a brilliant light together, it creates the unique experience personally and collectively, for me it’s the higher chakras, that I feel is absolutely marvelous. let’s keep it going!

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