Of the Goddess

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I am the soul that god has tied
down to the other side of heaven,
and with me came my noble bride-
To her alone the key was given.

My fate foreseen so long ago,
before the days of endless night.
To live and work and learn and grow,
and live behind the great Sun’s light.

But I grew tired and so I went
to seek the wisdom of the One.
Before her I knelt in lament.
She bid me rise, “You are the son.”

With these words I went back to wife
and gave an oath for all to hear-
to challenge God at risk of life,
“Invoke Thee, I, Demon appear!”

Before us came an evil sight
of smoke and mirrors and a lie.
“The son of man will set aright
all in your life that’s gone awry.”

To this I said I won’t believe,
and my dear wife stood by me fast
and said, “Seek truth, don’t be deceived!”
“His reign of terror cannot last!”

At this the god grew angry, yes.
He tried to send us down to hell.
And as it happened, I confess,
we took him with us as we fell.

Now here we are in Satan’s lair-
My bride and I and Jesus Christ.
As he cried loud the Lord’s Prayer,
the devil gave us this advice:

Do not forgive this evil thing
for much too long the earth he’s ruled,
claiming to be the new born king
Ha! A farce; You have all been fooled!

I’ll give a choice for you to make
and Christ I’ll keep and torture right,
if your wife you will let me take,
all will be saved and set aright.

But this I could not come to choose.
(So selfish I, for love of bride-
this woman I can’t stand to lose.)
But she stepped forth, my tears she dried.

“I will go, for my love of truth,
and sacrifice myself for thee,
if you remember me in youth,
and henceforth man shall worship me.”

The deal was done and Jesus tried,
and sentenced to eternal pain.
The Woman, Mother, Child and Bride
is ruler of the earth again.

As long as truth and beauty rule,
the woman god shall be our light.
Between her legs the mystic jewel-
she’s Mankind’s new lover in the night.