Liber 231 – Appendix I





An. XCIX Sol in 13° Taurus

02/25/04 ev

Mercury 1702 hrs.

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

Showered and robed with Spells and ‘A Ka Dua’. Lit 5 candles; four at each quarter and one upon the altar. Performed the rituals XXV (Liber XXV, The Star Ruby), V (Liber V vel Reguli), and Fire Opal invoking Air. Verse 0 of 231 after invocation to IAO. 13 minutes in asana. Into astral temple. Created Sigil above altar. Pushed it.

Nothing. Pushed again and nothing. Assumed HPK on Crocodile and pushed again. I am skimming over a body of water on the crocodile. I banish water and am now in the Air. God-form continues. I call to the Genii of Aleph. I see a green figure in the distance. It is the Fool. He is flying about performing aerobatics. I greet him and give him his sigil. He laughs very immature and child-like. Continues his air-dancing. I constrain him with his sigil. He is disappointed that he has to stop ‘playing’. We fly down to a clearing of grass in a beautiful bright forest. We sit and talk. I assume the standard form of my Body of Light. I ask for a lesson. He explains the Fool as being, in a sense, Two. The Fool that indulges in Life without restraint, the ignorant one. Then there is the Fool, who, knowing his true nature, indulges in Life without restraint. (This suggests the 2=0 formula) I ask about Harpocrates. The Genii tells me that HPK is like a fetus in an egg. (From here on I have a separate vision corresponding to what the Spirit says.) Soon the egg will hatch and the baby will grow and mature. (I ‘see’ HPK growing into Horus the Elder.) I ask if HPK is the subconscious. The Genii says that HPK controls the subconscious, or is master of it. As the Silent Self, HPK is Innocent- the ‘things’ he does that cause conflict in my consciousness are not intended out of malice. They are Willed, but not meant to harm me. He is a Child that needs to grow, i.e. more of the Self will become un-silent. More was said in that regard, but I cannot recall. Memory fails to explain the Lesson as it was taught by the Genii. He instructs me to listen to the Silent Self when it at times is not silent. Listen to the thoughts, feelings and perceptions that are not a result of my conscious intention. These are messages from my Silent Self. When asked how to proceed, the Genii replied that I must behave like the Fool! Not literally, of course, otherwise everyone would assume me insane and this would cause unnecessary dis-ease. For the next 5 minutes or so the Genii and I ‘played’ together in the forest. Great joy was felt and my physical body wanted to smile. I noted that during the lesson, my physical body became very solid, dense; like a rock. The Genii said this was the natural result of my Body of Light being in Pure Air.

Love is the law, love under will.



An. XCIX Sol in 24° Aquarius

02/13/04 ev

Venus 1650 hrs.

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

Showered, etc. XXV, V, Fire Opal invoking Mercury, and Liber Israfel. Verse 1 of 231. 10 minutes in asana. Into astral temple. Framed Sigil above altar. I drop straight down into a river. I swim to the bank where sits a small cottage. There is no door, no way in. I create one and place the Sigil on it. Inside is a ragged old woman. I ask where I am. She says this is her home. I ask if she is the Genii. She says, “Oh yes, yes. Sit down I will tell you a story.” I test with the Sigil and she howls and disappears. And the house disappears too. I walk into a wooded area. A great Ape dark purple approaches. I assume the winged Helmet of Hermes and fly to greet him. I test with the Sigil and He is empowered.

414: Where are you going? (He was walking.)

B: No Where.

414: Then why walk. (I fly up to the Genii and am sitting on the palm of his upraised hand as he walks.)

B: There is nothing else to do but Go.

414: What is the lesson of this Path?

B: Do you know your will?

414: I do not.

B: Then it’s pointless to give you a lesson. Your will must be unified as one. I am not speaking of the Sphinx, but rather the Word, the Logos.

414: Knowledge of that seems so far off.

B: It is, but the process of discovery is what will build you up. You must make strong your chosen vehicle of incarnation. What am I before you?

414: A purple ape. An intelligent ape.

B: Become that intelligent Ape. An ape is strong and mighty

414: But you are not just an Ape, you are the Spirit of Beth. You are the all-powerful God of your Plane.

B: And so shall your Ape be in its own plane. Neglect not your vehicle. Concentrate on your Tasks, but always share those fruits with your body as well.

I ask for another lesson. The ape becomes smaller, and leads me by the hand. Into a cave and he jumps into a tunnel- going straight down. I follow. At the bottom is a vast cavern. Against a wall is an old King, very close to death. He is chained to the wall. I learn that he is a spirit who is imprisoned in the center of the Earth. I understand this as a balance to the previous instruction. Indulge in the body, enjoy and exercise its functions, but be careful lest the spirit become entrapped therein. I thank both spirits and return to my physical body, which is waiting patiently in the Temple.

Love is the law, love under will.


An. XCIX Sol in 24° Aquarius

02/13/04 ev

Venus 0651 hrs.

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

Showered, etc. as usual. XXV, V, Fire Opal for Luna. Verse 2 of 231. Asana for 13 minutes. Into astral temple. Framed Sigil of the Genii as a button above altar and pushed. A great wind came and swept away the Temple revealing a harsh desert. I see a camel in the distance. I approach and mount. We travel briefly. I see a crescent moon in the sky. I shoot an arrow from my Bow and the Moon falls the Earth. I go to it and remove the arrow. Moon greets me happily and says Good morning. I ask if it is the Genii. Moon says no but it can take me to Her. I pick Moon up and am about to mount Camel. Moon says there is an easier way. Moon becomes a small sailing ship. We take off and head for the actual moon. Moon says to me that he/she (Moon was asexual) is a decoy of sorts for Luna for people who like to shoot Her with Arrows. (Moon was teasing with this comment). We land on Luna and I see a stone castle. Moon says the Genii is there. I run towards the castle, but it does not get any closer. I am annoyed and ask Moon what is going on. Moon says the Spirit is in the castle, but no one ever said I have to go there to meet Her. I understood and sat down on the moon dust in asana. I close my eyes. I open them and I am in a dream. Clouds and purple haze are about me. I call to the Genii. She appears as the Genii from “I Dream of Genii”. I ask about the camel and the Moon. She replies not to be concerned with those symbols.

G: My Sigil is the only one of importance here. It represents the male and the female interacting to produce life. But above is a veil, beyond that am I, who reconciles the duality into a unity. Beyond me is Nothing- Nuit. You could say that I am the Spirit of Manifestation of the Earth and Her Life.

In this way she resembled Babalon as being the Earth Goddess. When asked why the Moon is her symbol, she replies that Her nature is Dreams, uniting Conscious with Unconscious. In this sense she is not Babalon, but it is reminiscent of an aspect of Her. The Genii explains that most people are more whole in when they dream, because its only then that they unite with elements from the Unconscious. She instructs for me to take control of my dreams and use them to invoke Gods and Goddesses, evoke spirits and to travel in the astral. With the lesson over, she becomes seductive. We dance together very erotic in space. I thank Her and pinch myself to awake from my dream. I board Moon who takes me back to Camel, who takes me back to the Door to Assiah. The outfit of the Genii was Orange, which is the astral compliment of the Color Blue, the color of Gimel.

Love is the law, love under will.


An. XCIX Sol in 22° Aquarius

02/11/04 ev

Mercury 0622 hrs.

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

Showered and robed with Spells. XXV and V. Fire Opal invoking Venus. Inflamed invocation to Hathor. Asana for 12 minutes. Into astral temple. Absorbed altar. Created Sigil of Dnastartarwth as a set of double doors. Opened outward and stepped into complete darkness. Looked to my left and saw the same door approaching me. It stopped before me. I opened it inwards into a country-side. A castle/fortress in the distance beyond a moat of water. Undines jumping therein. Thinking this is not right I banish with Pentagram. Moat became of Fire. Two spouts of Fire marked the entrance to a series of steps to the castle. I ascended and entered the doors, which had the Sigil of the Genii upon them. Inside is a large empty chamber, save for a throne in the center, upon which sat the Genii with the appearance of the Empress. I approach in adoration and asked if she was the Genii. “Indeed I am,” she replied.

414: I am come seeking knowledge.

D: Then you have come to the right place. What is it you seek?

414: Love, Wisdom, Initiation, consummation with the Universe.

D: Well you must choose only one Door.

Now a series of doors appear lining the circumference of the chamber. They are black with white lines vaguely resembling the Sigil. I count 22 doors.

414: I must pick just one?

D: You can only follow one path.

I approach a door to the West (Directly behind me). I open and see scary creatures, very violent and threatening. I quickly shut the door. As I start to turn back to the Genii, I remember the power to Dare and I know this is a lesson. I enter the room and begin battling the creatures with a sword. Then with invoking Fire Pentagrams. I am triumphant. After defeating the monsters, the room began to come down from above. I was almost crushed when I assumed the form of a marble and rolled out. I go back to Herthrone and thank Her for the lesson.

D: Go ahead, try another Door.

This door, to the North, is empty and in the shape of the letter Daleth. Numerous seductive women appear along the walls. They are all identical dressed in red. I think, how can I choose if they are all the same? It does not matter which I chose, as they are identical. I understand this and return to the Genii. I thank Her again and ask for another lesson.

D: What do you want to know? It’s all here.

I head now for a door in the East. Inside is black space. A rocket of Fire comes from the sky and causes and explosion in the distance. A building crumbles next to me. A planet explodes, a star explodes. I also understand this and return back to the Genii. She tells me to go ahead and try another. In the South are scenes of a baby’s birth, a birthday party, a family picnic. Then a dying old man in a hospital. Then scenes of death and decay, natural scenes of this nature. I exit this room and again return to the Genii. By now I am fatigued and cease exploring theses Doors. I thank Her again. She hugs me and we kiss passionately. I depart.

Love is the law, love under will.


An. XCIX Sol in 21° Aquarius

02/10/04 ev

Mars 648 hrs.

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

Showered and robed with Spells. XXV, V. Fire Opal invoking Aquarius. Invoked IAO and verse 4 of 231. Changed HOO-OORW-IST 4 times and left 4 candles lit. Immediately into astral. I was at a window in an old country home. The Sigil was imprinted on the glass of the window. I opened the window and was whisked outside and into the air. Blue sky with a few clouds. I call to the Genii. A figure speeds by me through the air. I call again. A naked man stops in front of me- he had on the skin of an Eagle- like the headdress of a Native American. His eyes were white. I greeted Him and gave Him His Sigil. He accepted and thanked me. I asked why he was naked. She replied that there is nothing concealed, nothing to hide. We fly to a river and swoop down. I see fish and mermaid creatures flapping against the rocks. I ask for a Lesson. The Genii told me that he likes to fly through the air and likes to give knowledge. He becomes an eagle and I am riding on his back. I ask the meaning of the Sigil. He discloses that the Pentagram is me. The circle divided in half was the dual nature of me. Mercury is there to transport knowledge. An Alchemical fire symbol is there as the “Method”. “I” and “A” are Yod and Aleph, the Seed of the Fool. I ask for another lesson. We are in black space where the Genii creates an invisible pane of glass supported by two standing Lions. He tells me to walk through it. I cannot. It is very difficult to get through. He asks why I cannot pass through. “You are in your astral body right?” I will myself out of my astral body and become a large Eye with Wings. I can see my astral body down below like a robot that was turned off. I easily pass through the glass. I return to my astral body, greet the Genii goodbye, and return to my physical body. I recalled later that the Genii noticed that the lit candles in Assiah were distracting me. “Block out all distractions!”

Love is the law, love under will.


An. XCIX Sol in 6° Aquarius

01/26/04 ev

Luna 1816 hrs.

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

XXV and V. Invocation to IAO. Verse 5 of 231. Chanted VUARETZA– 5 times then into asana. Entered the Temple astrally. Invoked the Genii with the Sigil. I placed the Sigil into my breast. An invisible veil bearing the Sigil appears. I part the veil and pass through. Into the clearing of a great forest. A bull charged at me three times. I use the Sigil of Taurus to tame him and he becomes gentle. We lay together briefly. We then walk along the outer edge of the forest. I invoke the Genii to appear. Osiris rises and greets me. I test with the Sigil of the Genii. I ask if he is the Genii I seek. He states that he is one of the many forms in which the Genii manifests. The exact dialogue is not remembered completely as it took place very quickly. I commanded the Genii to explain and clarify as we conversed. He taught that my Earthy nature hinders and can poison the spirit. I am an animal and will perish but there is something that remains. I must strengthen the Will and invoke often. The emphasis was on the Will as the Key to this Path. I must unify the Will. I ask what the Secret name of the Genii is.

V: The Secret Name is YOU! It shall be divulged unto you by your angel.

414: Is the Angel the Hierophant?

V: No, (RHK) is.

414: What is the Key?

V: You know- You have all the keys within you! Put them together and use them!

I understood that the Secret Name is the essence of my true Will, of course I do not yet know my Angel. The Genii references LVX and IAO as explaining His nature. His appearance as Osiris explained well enough. Note he was Osiris Risen.

V: As the arrow pierces the rainbow, so shall the Nail pierce your Heart. You are very wise, but you are distracted.

414: But does not all life contain the essence?

V: Yes, but only man has the potential to understand and use it, to realize it.

414: What is the nature of the Path?


VUARETZA– was very adamant in His teaching. Very forceful and deliberate. I command Him to reveal his true Self. Osiris crumbles into dust and reveals a very tiny creature. I have to get on the ground to see Him.

V: The invisible point of life is all that remains without the outer form. It is the Will.

V: Tame yourself as you have tamed this Bull. Strive for inner unity. (He becomes again as Osiris Risen)

I thank the Genii and command Him to return to His abode. He vanishes and the Bull suddenly charges at me and kills me with His horns. I rise from the Body like steam into the air where I am captured by the light of the Sun. This is sustained briefly, and then I create a door back to my physical vehicle. I arise and give Adoration unto Nuit, as done always.

Love is the law, love under will.


An. XCIX Sol in 1° Aquarius

01/21/04 ev

Mercury 1717 hrs.

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

Showered and robed with Spells and recital. Bell, Oath and Confessions. Incense kindled. 7 knocks for value of Zain. Verse 6 of 231 and 7 chants of His name. In asana for 12 minutes. Quickly into astral temple. Placed the Sigil of Genii above me. Pressed with both hands and a blue current of electricity passed into me. My eyes closed. When I opened them I was alone in black space. A small brown creature bit at my ankles- I fired a Zain at it to get rid of it. Next an off-white cloud came down around me. I was in an airport hangar. A small single engine plane appears in front of me. I test with Air Pentagram and the plane gleamed and shone. I get into the plane and take off into the air. I speed into space but hit something. Out of the airplane I invoke the Genii. A man dressed like a King approaches me. I ask for his name; he says he is who I seek. I fire a Zain at him. It wounds him. I show the Sigil to him and he perishes into a hole in space. I now aggressively invoke Zoowasar. Two young boys, twins, joined at the midsection, appear and greet me. I test with Zain and the Sigil. They giggle and remain. By two large Parrots we are carried to a tree house high atop a tall tree. There the twins speak to me about my self, or “selves”. They say that I am as they appear- immature and split in two. I have two (probably more) opposing wills. They demonstrate by cutting themselves apart with a sword that I could choose one or the other, but that would only further separate my will. I need to unify the will and understand it (K & C of HGA). I am confused by their answers and feel deceived. I test again and they are correct. I continue to question and they give the same answers. I am internally split in two and each one is a young boy, they must unite and become one. I must grow after uniting my split self. I thank them for the lesson and return to my physical body.

Love is the law, love under will.


An. XCIX Sol in 18° Sagittarius

12/10/03 ev

Mercury 1827 hrs.

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

Showered and robed with spells and recital. XXV and V. Invocation to IAO and verse 7 of 231. In asana for 13 minutes. Canted aloud CHIVA-ABRAHADABRA-CADAXVIII seven times. Rose up astrally from asana and held talisman of Sigil above the altar. At first I was unsure what to do with it, and then I passed it down over my body with my head through the center and brought it to the floor. In a black space, very vast. The Chariot Atu approached and stops before me. I examine it. It is silent and motionless. I put the weapons of the path into it with no change. Then the Sigil of Cancer and it radiates briefly a light. Then I take the card into my right hand and walk. I observe that I am walking on an invisible floor, like glass or ice. Deep below me I see a glowing ball of light. I am compelled to reach the light. I run above looking for a way down but find none. I begin hitting the floor with my fists. A white robed man 50 -60 years old floats toward me. He asks what I am doing, and chuckles at my explanation. I ask where I am.

C: No where. It doesn’t matter where you are, but what you are doing.

414: I am trying to get to the light.

C: You cannot get there by trying to break the floor! Besides you are not strong enough to bust open this floor.

I test with Cancer and as the Sigil passes the Genii, it reveals the armored Charioteer of Atu VII. Once finished passing through, the Genii keeps the appearance of the old man. The Genii explains to me that strength is needed to attain the light, but not necessarily physical strength. I cannot get there by physical violence and brutality. Spiritual strength is required. Thinking I can just create an astral door to the light the Genii corrects me saying that the doors are already there, but need keys. I asked if the Sigil was a key.

C: Yes. The Sigil is a Microcosm, it consists of two pentagrams. One solid, the other fluid. The shadow side and the light side, harmoniously combined into a hexagram.

The Genii smokes a pipe as I use the Sigil to enter the floor. I reach the light. It explodes and I return to the Genii for another teaching.

C: You are not yet spiritually strong and mature enough to attain the (K & C of the HGA). Be patient, concentrate on your Tasks and when you are prepared, it shall be.

We are in nature by a lake. A lotus flower. The Genii explains that though the flower looks delicate it is very strong. He demonstrates this by destroying the flower with his hands and it rises immediately into perfect condition. Suddenly I realize that my astral body is that of a young boy. The Genii explains that spiritually I am a boy. More discourse then the Genii urges me to “GO!” I pill the Sigil back up from the ground over my head and I am back in Assiah and Malkuth.

Love is the law, love under will.


An. XCIX Sol in 27° Scorpio

11/20/03 ev

Jupiter 0628 hrs.

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law

Showered and robed with Spells. XXV and V. Invocation to IAO and verse 8 of 231. Chanted THALOSTER-A-DEKERVAL as I got into asana. 11 minutes total. Immediately the Sigil of the Genii appeared before me. I pressed it with both hands and I began bouncing around a black room like a basketball. Finally stopped and looked for a door. With the Sigil as a key, I unlock a door and exit this room. Outside was a hazy, white, clouded scene. Suddenly blackness comes from the above and covers the whiteness. I call to the genii. A fiery red-orange Beast approached. I test with Sigil and with Leo. He stops and obeys. I climb aboard and we travel through space. The Lust Atu. The woman riding the beast in the Atu asks my purpose. I tell her I seek the meaning of the Sigil. She says she will tell me by we have to go find a place to rest. This aroused my suspicion. I tested with all weapons and she and the card were destroyed. The Beast and I continue traveling. Now I am on the Earth. Under a tree is Sekhet. I test. She delights. She is very gentle and loving, yet definitely strong and ferocious. We discuss the Power of the Sphinx, to Dare. She tells me that I have this power to Dare, the Lust for the work. She uses a sunflower to symbolize the Sun. The Sun has much Lust. He burns unceasingly for no goal. There is no lust of result, only Lust for fulfilling his purpose. I must be like the sun and the Lion. There is a goal in my action, a purpose, but the Lust must stay ‘here and now’ as I work. She also knew of my plan to travel to southern California in the week to come. She quotes Liber AL,

 “But exceed! exceed! Strive ever to more!…(AL II;71+72)


It is the Power of Works, the Lust and the eternal energy. It is Fire. It is Teth that balances Chesed and Geburah, two opposites. It is the Lion that firmly balances the Good and the Evil, the Active and the Passive. I must be the Lion, the Sun, lust with never-ending energy, with Fire, in all that I do. She disclosed more information such as this but it all happened to quickly I cannot recall every detail. I think her as Sekhet. She says that she is the Genii of the Path, but takes many forms. She becomes very aggressive and tells me to go. She becomes a lion and chases me. First I run, then realizing her lesson, I turn and fight her. She tears me easily with her claws and severs my neck with her teeth. This brings me back to my body. I rise and write this record.

Love is the law, love under will.


An. XCIX Sol in 26° Scorpio

11/19/03 ev

Mercury 0709 hrs.

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

XXV and V. Invocation to IAO and verse 9 of 231. In asana for only 7 minutes. Quickly and easily into astral temple. Created sigil above the altar and as I chanted IEHUVAHASTANOTHATAN I became increasingly smaller, until I popped inward and began expanding inverted. I rubbed the lamp of the sigil and a great smoke appeared there from. It coalesced into a beautiful roman woman (Venus). I now was aware of being within a Roman upper-class home, or perhaps a temple to the Gods. Venus lay seductively on a bed and invited me to her. I tested with her sigil and her lust increased. I now transform into a sperm, and enter her vagina. Therein I swim, looking for the ovum. Note that I ejected from my astral body as an astral sperm. I find her egg and begin forcing my way inside. Once I penetrate her egg, great electricity and I am now back in a body in outer space. A huge cloud of gas and dust is forming into a star. To my right is a red-robed figure using his hands as if by remote control, to construct the stars from our great distance. I test with his sigil and he roars. I ask why the red robes and he simply stares at me. I test again with his sigil and he fly’s backward and returns a short time later. Now he has a greenish yellow robe and is much shorter. I test again and apologize for doubting him. He tells me that my creative impulse gets lost and is wasted when I don’t keep it under control. He spoke of masturbation as a symbol of the loss of creative energy. Told me not to mix the planes and keep my sexual exploits out of my intellectual endeavors. I understood this. I must keep my creations un-profaned. We spoke of the hermit and how the hermit knows that one must withhold the creative impulse until the proper time for release. The wasted sperm creates nothing. I ask if that means one should really become a hermit. He says that this might conflict with Our Law. If I become a hermit and concentrated only on being creative, I would defile other aspects of my nature. In regards to the HGA- he is to become a supreme creative force and can govern the entire being. Don’t let my creativity be profaned or get lost in the multitude. I thanked him and reverse the beginning process. I kissed Venus passionately and returned to my body.

Love is the law, love under will.


An. XCIX Sol in 9° Libra

10/13/03 ev

Saturn 0715 hrs.

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

Showered and robed with spells. XXV and V fair. Invocation of I-A-O and Verse 10 of 231. Preparing for asana as I chant musically KERUGUNAVIEL. 12 minutes is asana and this vision:

Astral body appeared before me in imagination. Armed with Kaph, Fortune Atu, and Jupiter sigil I transferred my consciousness to Astral Body. I then proceeded into astral temple. For some reason I pinned the Sigil of the Genii above the altar- with push pins. Then I took it down and drew it above the altar with the wand. Two winged beings, ugly faces but gentle, wearing white robes, carried me upwards. They released me in outer space. I tested previously with Kaphs and they were unscathed. Millions of stars around me. I admired their beauty. I see a large spiral galaxy in the distance. Purple and grey colors. As I watch it spin it changed briefly into a wheel and I knew that is where I must go. Closer I got when I was sucked into the spiral galaxy’s center- as if a black hole. I now am on a dirt path near a large white palace. Up a very long flight of stairs I approach the front door. I now am in the highest tower of the palace. An old man, yet young and strong, sits. He has white and violet robes. We greet with 93’s. I test with His sigil and He stands up in His power. His white robes fall revealing glowing purple robes. I ask what I can learn from this path. He shows me a wheel on the top of His finger. I learn that the will is the axis of the wheel and must govern with the iron fist of Netzach and the fatherly love of Chesed. But be warned, this path is along the Pillar of Mercy and its vice is Weakness. I must choose what the spokes represent- they are all different tools or emanations of the will.

KERUGUNAVIEL is that axis of the wheel. Whatever are the spokes, the wheel will spin and I must be prepared to deal with whatever comes around next. I tell Him that I acknowledge that good and evil are governed and related by the wheel. He tells me I do not understand. He bids me fly with Him to see His land. We sit atop a huge, glorious brown and white Eagle. We see a lake of fire, then a lake of black. I ask their nature, but the Genii simply says, “In time, my boy, in time.” He again tells me that I take in an unbalanced proportion of impressions, noticing more negative impressions than positive. I must strive to take in equal impressions of Light and Dark (Beauty, Ugliness, Good, Evil) This produces a great amount of satisfaction at the lesson learned. I then became the eagle and flew home.

Love is the law, love under will.


An. XCIX Sol in 28° Virgo

10/13/03 ev

Mars 2156 hrs.

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

Showered and robed with ritual. XXV and V superb. I invoked IAO and Verse 11 of 231. Magickally chanted the name of the Genii, LUSANAHERANDRATON. My self standing in front of my body, I successfully transferred consciousness. Into astral Temple. I drew the Sigil of the Genii and invoked. I plucked the feather from the top of the Sigil and this released a great amount of smoke. Tobacco, I thought as I waved my hands to clear the air. This failing I inhaled deeply and blew clear the air by the force of my breath. Revolved once clockwise as I did this, invoking a forest. I walked forward over the dirt and noticed an odd figure to my right, a few paces ahead. I called to the Genii with no avail. Getting closer now, I notice it is a human, hunched over with a long blue rove. Not responding to my calls, I shoot a Lamed at the figure, causing its head to topple over. I brag the robe and pull, revealing three small grotesque beings stacked upon one another. With another Lamed they vanish. Disgruntled at my inability to locate the Genii, I sit upon a stone in the forest staring up to the night sky. Thinking to myself about the situation I rise up onto the night sky. I create a scale in air and remove my heart. I place my heart in the left weight-cup, and the feather I had before plucked from the sigil, in the right cup. The feather drops the scale as my heart is lighter. This successfully invokes the Spirit, who appears behind the scale in tremendous glory. I test with Lamed and Her Atu. She is strikingly beautiful. She tells me to strive for Balance and Harmony. She says I have many years before my heart will be weighed. I am judged by my deeds and not in dearth, but in Life. She said the only Judge is Adonai. Questioning her, she says the Adonai is not the Heart nor the feather, but the scale itself. He is above good and evil, he is from Kether, Chokmah and Binah are the weight cups. He is the Judge, not the things judged. She demonstrates with orbs of power that equilibration opposites lead to unity. Two opposite things are really the same thing, No- Thing. I test her again with Libra and all is still right. She also explained that I must weigh each choice to ensure that it is correct. Deeds against the Will make the Heart heavy. We embraced and I departed.

Love is the law, love under will.


An. XCIX Sol in 20° Libra

10/13/03 ev Monday (date incorrect)

Luna 2156 hrs.

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

Showered and robed with ritual. XXV and V extra-ordinary! Truly Beautiful and Exalting. Invocation of IAO and reading of verse 12 of 231. Intoning Malai as I prepared for asana. A mere 7.5 minutes endured this vision. Into astral temple- which was empty space. An altar appeared. I was spinning with the altar as the axis. Finally stopped with an act of will. A distant sun shone before me. I traced the sigil of Malai above the altar. In toning his name and I was engulfed by a dark blue haze. I was unsure of its substance. Feeling my way though this haze my hands meet with many objects, as if the objects were coming towards me. Undines, I thought so I projected a few MEM’s to clear the way. The haze remained so I yelled, “Apo Pantos Kaka Daimonos!” and all was clear. Again intoned His name and rose up, up past layers of different colors. Stopped at a great landscape. A rushing stream cuts through beside me. I jump in and ride the current. It takes me over a fall where I soar through the air and enter a dive into the sea of water. I surface and am met with a wooden raft. Upon this rackety boat I sit and again draw sigil and to invoke Malai. The sigil subtly becomes a figure hanging from a noose. I display a Mem and He dismounts and accompanies me on the raft. I am explained that I must bit be taken by the Water. I reply that the water is good, it cleans and nourishes and gives life. Malai explains that the water can turn into a flood and will take me whither it will if I have no control. He points out that my shabby raft has no sail, nor mast, nor rudder. The water will take me afar off course lest I maintain control. We leap from this raft onto the grey shore and walk. (The Genii at first was a small sea-green rag doll) Malai now is a wizard in deep blue robes and cap. Very tall and Beautiful. He is the master of all elemental water spirits. I ask what it is I must do. He tells me I have many keys, but which keys open which doors? He also instructs me to invoke the water elements and work with them- as I have begun to do with my work with Pyramidos. I praise the Genii for his wisdom and the consciousness slowly returns to the body.

Love is the law, love under will.


An. XCIX Sol in 8° Libra

09/30/03 ev Tuesday

Mars 2145 hrs.

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

Showered and robed with spells. XXV and V. Invocation to IAO and verse 13 of 231. Chanting name of the Genii (Nadimraphoroioz-o-thalai) while assuming asana. Sigil appeared immediately and no need for astral temple. Nevertheless I strengthened it by drawing it astrally- black on white background. Expanded it to large door. Opened, walked though, and closed the door. In outer space now. Created circle of blue-green and verbally invoked the Genii. I placed His sigil in the air within the circle. A figure appeared in the bear asana wearing the triangular shape as a hat. I commanded the spirit to awake! Arise! Show Thyself to Me! The spirit rose into the air and had blue eyes of lightening. Two blue lightning bolts hit me. Sensing this was an attack I traced invoking water pentagram and the spirit fled. [This is now figured to be an error on the part of the Skryer. The Genii, successfully invoked, attempts communication and is rejected.] Again I conjured the spirit of Nun. The circle was now a pool of water in space. I continued to invoke. From the water, OF the water, formed a being. He said in a watery voice that He is the genii I seek. I tested with His sigil and He let out a howl of delight. I asked Him the lesson of the path, and of His nature, and the relation of Him to Netzach and Tiphareth. He showed me my reflection in the water and said that this is only my outward form. He said that my being is infinitely ‘deep’ just as the oceans. I was instructed to see my reflection, them jump into the water and explore and observe what is there; i.e. within me. He said that one must experience a ‘spiritual death’ to awaken to the Holy Guardian Angel. When asked the nature of my Angel, He responded- Unfathomable. He explained His nature as Death, as the Atu- bringing Men through this ‘death’ to be reborn as God. He is the Scorpion, the Beetle, the Cactus, etc. as I know the symbols. I tested him again with Scorpio and he again howled with delight. I touched his body and was very interested. The genii then made a comment that fully satisfied my experience. Though my memory fails me somewhat, the comment was something similar to me being amazed at his being, not afraid, but rather curious. This meant that I have learned the nature of my reflection. Words fail to describe the conversation, or the gnosis felt while I was drawing my hand through the water which was the substance of the genii. The gnosis felt was not related to the sensation of His watery body, but rather of the insight He pointed out as I touched Him. In other words, me touching Him affirmed His statement about my reflection and the Body of Water. I thanked him and gave license to depart. The space filled with green-blue water and I found my way to the Temple.

Love is the law, love under will.


An. XCIX Sol in 3° Libra

09/25/03 ev Thursday

Jupiter 2145 hrs.

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

Showered and robed with spells and recital. XXV and V inflamed. Invk. IAO. Verse 14 of 231. 14 minutes in asana. Created sigil inside a flaming square. Placed both hands thereon. Spinning clockwise and now in my temple. Drew the sigil of Sagittarius and I shot up vertically like an arrow. Into outer space. A pink-ish planet. Not correct I thought yet I went down to investigate. Pink and gray dirt. No life. A black creature like a worm suddenly ran into a small rock. I pulled him by the tail and he hissed at me. Annoyed I created a chariot of fire with white horses to take me back to space. I vehemently invoked the Genii: Sala…! Sala…! An arrow pierces me and I fall down…down. I land on an elastic white cloud. I get up and am enclosed by blue walls. A rush of flooding water swept me into a room wherein is the Genii. She is three-breasted, multicolored, one half dark the other light. Many colors. Not very attractive was She. She was behind a cauldron exactly like Atu 14. I ask what She is doing.

Sala: Cooking. (Most of what She said was doubled.)

Skryer: Cooking what?

Sala: Your Soul!

A small dog nipped at my leg. She said his name was STRUF. (60+9+200+6+6=281) I tested the Genii with Her Sigil and she relished in it. I get closer to her and she quickly stuffs me into the cauldron. I am aware of a great amount of steam. I blackout. A vision now of a beautiful countryside. Centaurs all about. Green grass, blue sky, and yellow sun. I used an invoking fire pentagram to return back to the Genii. She instructed me to unite opposites. For instance my Anger with Love or happiness. After a few moments I thanked her and left. Another vision. Opened sigil like a door. Into a country-side as before. At the edge of the land was an ocean below, with fish jumping about. Strange thought I. Took a look around. Very tall green trees. The sun was bright and overhead. Suddenly an arrow plunges into the ground. Huge. Stretched upwards to the sun. I climbed and soon was at the top. My head was crowned with the Beauty of the sun. I looked down upon the Earth, and knew that the path is the link from the higher consciousness to my Khu. I melted into the warm embrace of Sol and was back in my body.

Love is the law, love under will.


An. XCIX Sol in 28° Virgo

09/21/03 ev Sunday

Sol 2144 hrs.

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

Showered and robed with spells. XXV and V. Invocation to IAO. Read verse 15 of 231. In asana for 10.5 minutes sweating profusely. Into astral temple. Drew sigil of the Genii of the Serpent (Ayin) above the altar. It opened like a cupboard. Inside was a small vial of liquid. I drank and became dizzy. Fell through the floor into a dark landscape. Sky was night and dark mountains of stone. I walk about. A goat from the Devil Atu trots passed and I knew I was in the proper place. Verbally invoked the Genii. The moon was an eye in the sky. There were two. Sensing this was not right I tested with invoking earth pentagram. The sky slowly melted down around me revealing now a daytime landscape of colorless gray. This I understood as the light in extension and the darkness. Down by a rock was a small creature. He looked up at me and at first his face was a large open mouth with rows of sharp teeth. When it closed it revealed one large eye. The creature ran passed me instructing me to follow. With inv. e. pent. I tested and he responded with words, “Yes yes, follow me I will take you to him.” He ran down a path and up the stairs to the door of a large black, phallic structure. Inside was dark blue/black stone. A throne was between two statues of what looked like Anubis but could have been Set. Upon the throne was a skeleton/ decomposing corpse: with a crown and loose rags of clothes. With pent again I awaken the genii who then re-composed and greets me. He is very joyful. He asks me what he can do for me.

Seer: What is the nature of this path?

Genii: The order in the chaos.

S: I do not understand.

G: The meaning is in the black diamond. The black diamond retains the light within

itself. Compared to a ‘white’ diamond that reflects the light creating the world.

He instructed me that I am black as dirt obstructing the light and that I must cleanse the diamond. Then retain the light within myself. I will appear black because no light can escape. This brought to mind Liber LXV. The genii further explained my darkside and how it must be brought into the light. Satisfied by what we discussed (the Genii tossed me a black diamond as a talisman), I thanked him and returned home.

Love is the law, love under will.


An. XCIX Sol in 23° Virgo

09/16/03 ev Tuesday

Mars 2154 hrs.

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

Showered and robed with Spells and recital. XXV and V absolutely beautiful! Sat for total of 8.5 minutes in asana after IAO invocation and verse 16 of 231. In astral, immediately constructed Sigil of the Genii of Peh. Pushed it like a button. The ground split open and I fell down. It was a fiery pit into which I plummeted. Around me was all fire. Banished with pentagram. Created sigil again and pushed. Spun around once and aware now of a landscape. Very red, rusty- very much like Mars. “This is more like it”, I thought. I attempted to invoke the genii with his Pentagram, planetary symbol and tarot trump. A second later, a tiny creature walks to me from my right. He turns to look at me. One huge eye in his forehead. “AYIN” I thought. I knelt down and asked his identity. He cockily asked who I was. I introduced myself as Frater 414. I placed a p on his bald head and he became a bit larger.

Genii: Now why did you do that?

Seer: To test you, of course.

G: Well do it again… it kind of tickled!

I placed another p on his head and he laughed then said:

G: Ok, enough. What is it you want?

S: I want to know the meaning of this path.

The genii led me to a cliff overlooking another barren landscape. Below are many soldiers fighting. The genii told me that there is a war going on. I said I know and he asked, “Do you?!”

S: Are you part of this war?

G: Indeed, I am the General.

I traced the invoking pentagram of fire and the genii became very large and covered in black-gray armor with sword and shield. He became very violent. I help up a p to his down-coming sword. He stopped, apologized and conversed unto me the chaotic passion of Netzach and the illogical reasoning of Hod. But balance is needed. He spoke again of the war and I knew this war was me against my sleep. My higher self conquering my lower self. A revelation of the nature of my initiation. He said to me, “You know!” and everything faded to black and I knew my journey was over. Sigil of Earth and awake.

Love is the law, love under will.


An. XCIX Sol in 22° Virgo

09/15/03 ev Monday

Luna 2216 hrs.

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

Showered and robed with spells and recital of VII; I. Performed XXV and V. Felt a bit clumsy when I dropped my Wand after first spiral dance. Still, I felt supreme exaltation. The Temple ‘sparkled’. A neighbor was watching baseball very loudly and this was a test: would I stop the ritual or persist? I passed. Invoked IAO then read the verse of 231 for the 17th house of the serpent. Studied briefly the sigil. In asana for 11.5 minutes. Into astral temple. XXV. Drew sigil in air – it spun clockwise like a pinwheel. Soon I was drawn into its center and was traveling headfirst very fast through a tube or tunnel. Popped out into a black space. Invoked the genii with fire pentagrams stationed in each quarter. From the column descended a flood of fire – coalescing into the Emperor Atu. My eyesight was distorted as the Emperor is in profile. He kept saying, “Be On.” Annoyed I banished this and found myself in a field. I was a ram. Beautiful scarlet sunset. Another ram near me kept urging me to eat saying, “You need nourishment.” I continued looking around through this ram’s eyes and saw a human near the tree chopping wood. I walked to him, assumed human form, and asked if he was the Genii I sought.

Genii: I am. (Genii has an accent, Irish perhaps)

Seer: How do I know?

G: Test me if you like.

S: (Handing an Atu IV) Do you know this?

G: Oh! I haven’t seen one of these in years!

I tested with Fire Pentagram.

G: I heard these sheep. If I didn’t they would all run wild. You are similar, kid; you have many sheep inside you. You must herd them together, so they all move as one, they all follow You.

I understood exactly what the genii meant.

S: I understand. Why are you chopping wood?

G: Don’t ask me why! I just do, I work and I know the herd will be ok as I work.

I understood exactly as well. I thanked him and returned home.

Love is the law, love under will.


An. XCIX Sol in 17° Virgo

09/09/03 ev Tuesday

Mars 0540 hrs.

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

Woke of 0430 hrs. Showered and robed with purification/ consecration spells. XXV and V very good…Recited VII;I. Invocation of IAO. Read verse 18 of 231. In asana for only 10 minutes. Immediately into astral temple. Drew sigil onto piece of white paper. Thought of burning it but that would be inappropriate. Instead I set it on my temple floor and jumped into it. I splashed into a vast ocean. Held my breath at first but then began breathing normally. I noted how the water felt going in and out of my lungs. I swam about looking for the Genii. I observed many fish swimming about. Water was very clear blue. A piranha attacked my arm. I touched it with a q and it calmly swam away. Lying sadly upon a very large flower was a mermaid. She had bright blue hair and shiny green legs/tail. I called to her. “Genii?” “Yes?” I handed her a q and she accepted it like a gift. Very grateful. She became happy. She jumped off of the flower and kissed me. She took me into her house which was dry, closed off from the water. I displayed a Moon Atu and said, “Tell me about this.” She took the card becoming extremely elated.

Q: Thank you! Thank you! I haven’t had my period in so long, because I didn’t have a moon. You know of the waxing and waning of the moon? The ebb and flow?

S: Yes, I know.

Q: Since you are a water sign, Cancer, yourself, it affects you greatly. Just as the moon pushes and pulls the ocean here where I live, it does the same to you!

The genii hands me a small bottle with dark red liquid inside.

Q: That is the last cycle I had before I lost the moon. I saved it. Please take it, since I have my moon back.

At this time, the spirit was incorporating the new Moon Atu into the rest of her Tarot deck, as we sat on her bed.

S: What shall I do with it?

Q: I don’t know. Use it somehow. For, if you were on the moon, would it still affect you as it does on earth?

S: No, it would not.

Q: Then get to the moon. Consume that. Does not your Holy Book say to take the blood of the moon? Why not bake a cake?

Note that the Spirit is very giddy and excited at my gifts. She is playful, almost childish.

S: I think I understand, thank you. What do you know of Netzach?

Q: Oh I’ve heard wonderful things about it, but I cannot go there. It is too hot. The earth is too dry, so I can’t go there either. But I am happy. I hear the men in Netzach are the most passionate lovers.

I thanked her again and exited her home. Picked up a pearl from a clam then returned to astral temple. Astral XXV then awake.

Love is the law, love under will.


An. XCIX Sol in 11° Virgo

09/03/03 ev Wednesday

Mercury 1805 hrs.

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

Showered and robed with spells and recital. XXV and V fair but with faint visualizations. Asana for 15 minutes. Entered astral temple. Constructed sigil of Mercury Genii of Resh. Opened it like a door. In outer space. No beings. Traveled to the sun. Nothing but fire. Banished with APO PANTOS KAKADAIMONOS as I do not yet know the correct pentagram. In space again walking a tightrope seemingly from Yesod to Hod. A being appears in a scarlet robe and hood. Tells me he knows what I seek. Tells me to follow. I touch him with a Resh and it burns. He tells me not to do that. I place the Resh on his chest and it burns him so that he shows his true form ugly, gray and deformed. He runs down and under something. Next, a large quantity of white bones very tall comes out of an invisible floor. I walk through this forest of bones and meet a lion. He is friendly. I give him a Resh to eat and he now appears human-like, on two legs standing. I ask him about this path. He says the sun illuminates what is inside me. Reminds me that the path connecting Yesod with Hod- bringing my subconscious or my dreams into the light of reason. Using the Sun Atu as a reflective mirror- I reflect the light of the genii to the area around me. I see ugly, gruesome images. Death, suffering, decay, etc., for some reason I doubt the validity of the vision. I was not sure if I was speaking for him or if he was really speaking. I end the vision with sigil of earth and awake. I again enter the spirit vision. The sigil is on a cloth that I wrap about my head. When I remove the mask, I am in a beautiful field with grass, trees, and hills. The sun is high. Underneath a tree, eating, is the lion. I approach and he growls at me. I give a Resh to eat, he transforms into a man in orange robe, with golden hair. He welcomes me back. We converse. He explains that what dies is reborn in that which devours it. As he eats the carcass it is reborn as his cells, blood, etc. Those thoughts, tendencies, habits that die in me are reborn within me. Again about Yesod, Hod and the illumination of the sun. I thank him and return.

Love is the law, love under will.


An. XCIX Sol in Cancer

07/24/03 ev Thursday

Jupiter 0507 hrs.

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

Showered and robed with ritual and partial recitation. XXV and V spectacular. 11 min asana w/skry of 21st Mercury Genii. Created sigil as button, pushed with both hands. Nothing for a moment then dropped straight down. Into emptiness. Saw nothing. Flew for a bit looking for something. Finally saw something in the distance on a ‘floor’ I could not see. Orange in color. I stoop down and look and an orange-red worm-like creature bit my nose. Struggled to get it off and when I did I fired a “c” at it like a pistol. It disintegrated. Like a fool I looked into the hole it came from and stretched it out wide enough to fit myself through. Inside was a system of fiery caves like mines. Fire spewed around me, and little creatures working in chains. They were mining maybe coal- something dark. I had to slouch a bit because I was too tall. I left Aeon Atu as markers so I knew how to exit. I turned a corner and saw one creature strapped to a slab of rock with a doctor or surgeon standing- not one of the creatures- he was pale and dressed in a blue-white robe. I asked what he was doing as he held a handsaw to the creatures neck. He said, “He does not need his head.” Then he asked who I was and approached me with the saw. I took a few steps back trying to identify myself then fired a few Shin’s at him. He was defeated. The creature I freed, and as he ran away, another creature with a sword lopped off his head. As guards are now searching for me, I break through a door entering a room. A woman and a man- creature are in bed. The man instructs the woman to wait outside as I explain that the guards are looking for me and I need help. The man was a large being made entirety of a crimson colored rock. The walls to these caves are also crimson. He sits in a chair as I explain who I am and that I am here searching for the Mercury Genii that lives here. He laughs saying there are no genii. I ask him again. He tells me to “look deeper”. He punches a hand through a wall pulling out a map he hands to me. I say thank you and give him a Shin to hang over the hole. He is appreciative. Outside his room I open the map to reveal this: [the map is such that one would see in a cartoon, with a dot titled, “You are here”, and an “X” at the bottom with a line connecting the two points.] Not very helpful. I bust a hole in the floor but before descending I contemplate returning home- thinking that I had gained all I came for. I jump into the hole and land in a lake of fire. Speaking some magic word I levitate out of the water. I do this and am carrier off into the starry space by many winged fairies. I end in a bed with beautiful women and wonderful food and wine. Of heaven, not of earth. Here I [Earth Sigil] and exit.

Love is the law, love under will.


An. XCIX Sol in Aries

04/13/03 ev Sunday

Sol 2216 hrs.

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

Showered and robed appropriately. XXV was very good, but V was doomed when my candle fell. Nevertheless, I sat for 30 in asana. Began with regulating the breath, and then found myself visualizing the 22nd symbol of the Mercury Genii of 231. Before long, I opened the symbol as a set of double doors. It opened into a blue-gray hallway, which led to another door. I opened this (ah yes, stairs led up to the door) and beyond was nothing but wide-open sky with clouds and daylight. After thinking for a moment I jumped. The building was a tall tower. A flying carpet caught me. We flew up to a huge tree. I climbed onto the tree and was met by a black and yellow bird (a toucan perhaps). He asked why I was here. “Knowledge”. He replied, “Knowledge you seek, knowledge you shall receive.” “Knowledge in a tree?” I ask. Instantly I thought of the tree of life and the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. Skeptical I showed him a “t” and asked if he knew it. He first said Aleph then Tav. More skeptical I showed him sigil of 22nd Mercury Genii and he shrieked and crumbled. I climbed ever higher until I saw an old wizard in gray-blue with gray beard. He said he knows me and what I seek. I tested with sigil and he was very easy and comfortable. He said he kept order over the land, but was getting old and tired. (Saturn?) He gave me a coin that he called a key. Told me if used correctly, I would find what I seek. Confused, I jump from the tree. Hit the ground. Looked around for a way to use the coin. Insert into a door? No. Give to a beggar-child? No. I looked at the coin and on one side is a pleasant face, the other an evil face. Instantly I knew. I planted the key in the dirt under the tree. The sigil appeared as a large banner and wrapped around the trunk of the tree. The tree suddenly bore fruit. I plucked an apple and then a snake entwined around my right arm. The apple in his mouth, the snake entered my mouth and disappeared into my body. The tree turned to gold and I took a nap underneath. Awoke, sigil of earth and back home.

Love is the law, love under will.






An. C Sol in 10° Aries

03/30/04 ev Tuesday

Mars 1830 hrs.

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

Showered and robed with Spells and ‘A Ka Dua’. XXV, V, Greater Fire Opal Invoking Air. Verse 0 of 231 and no vibration of the name AMPRODIAS. 4.5 minutes in asana. Into astral temple. Invoked the spirit with the sigil. I was violently tossed around to room by unseen forces. I float in air and invoke again. Now I am in a landscape similar to the drawing by AC. The Buddha-like figure is to the right. I ask if he is the genii. He says yes but when I show the sigil he cowers. I rise a bit into the air and invoke again. A yellow lightning bolt shoots past me into the ground. I must remark that this landscape was totally devoid of color. A face very faint appears in the sky. I give the sigil. Amprodias greets me very sternly and serious. I ask for knowledge of this path.

A: Only in Silence can any knowledge be gained. But you cannot know anything about the Supernals as you have yet to cross the Abyss. In time you shall, out of time you also shall.

414: Appear unto me!

Amprodias appears as a human figure but with no distinct features- only swirling air.

414: You are pure air, yet you partake of earth before me?

A: In order for you to perceive, pure air cannot be seen. Air is the thoughts, yet it is also a giver of life, a sustainer, but it can choke you to death.

Apparently the genii thought I had had enough schooling and encouraged me to be the Fool- lust- enjoy my trip with vigor for life. He joyously tossed me into the air and I rejoiced. I return to my physical body.

Love is the law, love under will.


An. XCIX Sol in 1° Virgo

08/24/03 ev Sunday

Sol 1058 hrs.

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

Showered and robed with spells. XXV and V. Recitation of VII; I. Tarot invocation of IAO. Invocation of Baratchial. His name as mantra. Visualized sigil. In asana, continued the same astrally. Entered Temple. Sigil carved on Pantacle. More mantra then I found myself being gently set down on some landscape. Felt the dirt under my feet as I walked toward the forest. My shoes grew wings accelerating me forwards, reminding me of Hermes. The tree tops formed an arrow pointing to the center. I had the idea to throw the Pantacle into the forest as a Frisbee. I did and it returned with a very small gray being on top of it. It was a baby, a gargoyle, I assume. I was surprised it worked. I pulled some Beth’s from my robe and fed to the creature. It grew a little. Now I cradled it in my arm as I looked for some place to sit. A house. I knocked . A woman answered and swore that the gargoyle was her baby. I tested with a Beth and she crumbled. The house became a prison. Baratchial, now older from eating the Beth’s, used His sigil, to banish the prison. It became a golden castle. We were seated upon the throne. I ask, “Where is this place?” He laughed saying that it is within me. I asked the meaning of the path of Beth. He said the will is one, and must move forward. Some beings approached very angrily, I banished with “APO PANTOS KAKADAIMONOS” we were back in the forest. I held Baratchial and asked again for information. He said the will starts small but will grow. Just as he was fed and grew, so will the will. I asked his age- he said he has no age- he is born lives, dies, and is born again. He said the will is the same way. “But the will is one?” Baratchial: True, but what grows eventually dies. It will grow stronger with the right food. What you possess is in you. You must learn how to give it.

Seer: So the will is in me, and I must let it out?

B: Exactly, you see that castle? There lives the king, his will would never be known or be worth anything unless I was here to move it.

B: Be careful of illusion. Though your will comes from you, illusion can hide it and change it.

S: Is that the message of the Qliphoth?

B: Yes, you can live in the illusion of your will. Beware.

I thanked him for his time. He said ‘no problem’ as he has much time. That is his job, he’s a messenger. Baratchial was very happy and playful. Always smiling. He vanishes after I give permission to depart. I create the sigil of earth and return to astral temple. Reabsorb and awake.

Love is the law, love under will.


An. C Sol in 9° Aries

03/29/04 ev Monday

Luna 1915 hrs.

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

Showered and robed with Spells. XXV, V, Greater Fire Opal invoking Luna. Verse 2 of 231. 4.5 minutes in asana. The sigil of GARGOPHIAS appeared before me. I was in a dark landscape, and open terrain of dirt. It was night. I looked down and was standing on a black circle. The circle shot out of the ground as a rod, with me standing on top. Very high did I rise. Into a blackness. Suddenly the stars and constellations all turn on as if by a light switch. The sigil appears above and in front. In an airy voice it asks, “Who are you?” I give my identification as 414, Neophyte of the A.’.A.’., with Grade Sign. I improvise an invocation to the genii. The black rod becomes a snake and takes my right leg into its mouth. I touch it with a Gimel and it recedes. I float in space and invoke again. The dome of the sky turns solid blue, as if painted on. I try to go beyond the blue but I cannot, I am enclosed here. A ghastly spirit attacks, I banish with the Sigil and a Luna. I look down and see a vast black abyss. I dive downwards past flaming creatures. Someone grabs my right arm and pulls me into a crescent-shaped boat. A figure, dark clothing, white face with odd tentacles flailing from the face. He asks why I want to go down there.

414: To explore.

G: But you may never be able to climb back out. You might not know how. (Pun)

414: Are you the genii I seek?

G: No, I am not.

I begin to leave then realize it is a test. I give the spirit the Sigil of Gargophias and he delights. As he rows this canoe, he explains that this place is not all that is [or is not], but a veil. I learn that Nuit veils Herself to reveal Isis (or Babalon). All that we perceive is a veil of Nuit, take away those, and Nothing is left. So profound was this that I did not need further exploration. The veil is placed at the abyss; beyond that veil the truth is revealed. All objects are veils upon Nuit.

Love is the law, love under will.


An. C Sol in 6° Aries

03/26/04 ev Friday

Venus 0704 hrs.

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

Showered and robed with Spells and recital of VII;I. Rituals as usual: XXV, V, Greater Fire Opal (Invoking Venus). Sandalwood incense. Verse 3 of 231 invoking DAGDAGIEL, the Genii of the Qliphoth of Daleth. Into astral temple. Took a moment to actually look around the temple. A chair was to the left with something on the floor next to it. A small piece. I shall return to examine closer another time. In asana for a total of 9 minutes. Drew sigil upon an emerald background. Opened as a door. I drop down one or two stories. A dark cellar with dripping water. I won’t find the genii here, I thought to myself. I raise myself upward, breaking the ceiling. Darkness. Again, and darkness again. I stop and project the Empress Atu, the letter Daleth, and the Sigil of the Genii. I improvise an invocation. A woman appears in royal robes of turquoise. An odd crown rests on her head; it resembled the triple flame of my wand as a spiral, but what an off white color. He skin was milky white. She had dark hair and was beautiful. She walks from the left to the right, then back again, looking at me oddly.

D: Who art thou who hath disturbed me?

414: (With 1=10) I am Frater 414, a Neophyte in the Ordo A.’.A.’..

D: And why have you come?

414: To give adoration unto Thee, my Lady!

D: I do not need your adorations! Look about you, all is my adoration.

She reveals all around us lush fields of grass, trees, water, blue sky, bright sun, and frolicking animals. I understood this.

414: Well I seek to converse with thee and learn of this Path.

D: You know of this path already. I am of Venus, and thou knowest love. I am the force that brings Chokmah and Binah together, the seduction of those opposites.

414: But you dwelleth in the Tunnel, you are the Chaste Woman, who manipulates and prevents the union of these opposites.

We discoursed for a time about her placement on the tree of life. Chokmah and Binah are the opposites that must unite through Love, the Empress, Venus, but in the Tunnel, the Empress manipulates both for her benefit, which prevents the flow of the Will, which is to unite by Love.

D: (becoming ferocious) You had better go, or you will be surely torn to bits!

I enlarge my body to a massive size.

414: By you? I seek not conflict, but knowledge. Do not threaten me or I will have to take action. I see your nature as Venus and I acknowledge your lesson, but you must obey my Will or be banished.

Dagdagiel resumes her royalty and I mine. We speak again briefly then I kiss her and depart.

Love is the law, love under will.


An. C Sol in 5° Aries

03/25/04 ev Thursday

Jupiter 0643 hrs.

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

Showered and robed with Spells. XXV, V, Greater Fire Opal invoking Aquarius. Verse 17 of 231 corresponding to Heh. 8 minutes in asana. The sigil appeared above and to the left. I found myself in a dark, grey-blue structure of stone. Murky water ran at my feet. The sigil was one of two that were on a wall, above a mouth of rushing water. I look around me. The only way to go is down a dark corridor. I am armed with the censer and repeating the name of the genii, HEMETHTERITH. Suddenly I am whisked about by a current of air and flung up into the sky. Two winged babies take me by each arm and set me down upon a cloud. I notice I have large, beautifully feathered wings. Now appears a woman in turquoise throned on a cloud. She pours a large cup of liquid over her head and delights therein. I give her a letter HEH and we greet. I ask, as always, for some knowledge of this path.

H: You never speak.

414: that is not true, I do speak.

H: You talk, yes, but you do not speak. When you talk, talk with authority, and say something worth listening to; cut out all the bullshit and horseplay.

I understood perfectly what the Spirit is instructing me to do.

She pours another bottle over her head and delights therein.

H: This is not liquid; it is light!

I ask if I can delight therein as she. The genius pours a bottle of light over me and I delight therein. I swallow some of the light.

H: No! You don’t want to digest it!

(The genius laughs at my folly.)

I see my stomach through my robes becoming very illuminated from the inside. The genius now appears as Nefertiti, with gold crown and purple eyes. Above me and the genii is the night sky. I literally see the body of Nuit, infinitely, throughout the sky above. I fail to describe this indescribable event in the vision. I could almost touch her, yet Nuit was continuous and infinite. I understand that She is the infinite container of All. HEMETHTERITH gives me a pentagram and explains that She brings energy from Chokmah to Tiphareth and the pentagram is a key. I thank the genii for the lesson and I depart, in awe and adoration to Nuit.

A final lesson from H.: “Shut up and Listen!”

Love is the law, love under will.


An. XCIX Sol in 8° Aquarius

01/28/04 ev

Mercury 0630 hrs.

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

Showered and robed with Spells. XXV and V and Invocation to IAO. Verse 5 of 231. Chanted five times the name URIENS- the Genii of the 5th Prison of the Qliphoth. Sat for 13 minutes in asana. Transferred consciousness to astral body and ascended to astral temple. Created an elevator door with the Sigil of the Genii. Descended in the elevator. The doors open to a very dark, dreary land, with corpses and body parts covering the ground. I float above the bodies calling to URIENS; I see two bull’s heads on spikes acting as pillars on either side of the entrance way to an odd shaped structure. It looked as if it were melting. Stairs led to a point above about 50-100 feet, and it just ended. I stood looking at the structure and with the Sigil raised I called to the Genii. The structure crumbled. I stand among the ruins and again call to the Genii. A sarcophagus rises from the rubble. I invoke with the Sigil. The sarcophagus transforms into an Egyptian man wearing the crowns of the Upper and Lower Kingdoms. Osiris again but a bit sinister and with a fiery orange glow. I ask Him where is this place I am at. In this communication there was less words spoken and more psychic interaction. URIENS explained that this is a prison of the Earth. Matter has enslaved the spirits of Man. I look around the landscape again and see caged on both sides filled with agonized men and women. I reply that the Earth does not imprison us and that we are here to enjoy Her and experience being alive. But so long as we remain a slave to our senses and to the Earth, it imprisons us, the Genii replied. A great Nail falls from above and is implanted into the ground. The spiritual seed has been planted into the Earth and risks dying or becoming stagnant if I do not realize this Spiritual Seed. Only once the spirit is free can I enjoy the Earth. URIENS accuses me of being arrogant and lazy. Taurus is the Bull, I am not. I reply that I am the Bull. URIENS again said that I am weak when it comes to Matter. I am enslaved to it. I understood and reluctantly agreed. URIENS begins to walk away. I constrain Him with an averse invoking Pentagram of Earth and demand a key. He said the Sigil, inverted is a key, just as the Pentagram I am wielding is a key. I understood the great lesson of the Genii and bid Him farewell. I returned to my Body.

Love is the law, love under will.


An. C Sol in 3° Aries

03/23/04 ev Tuesday

Mars 1058 hrs.

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

Showered and robed with Spells. XXV, V, and Greater Fire Opal invoking Gemini. 8 minutes in asana. Verse 6 of 231. Chanted 6 times ZAMRADIEL. Into astral temple. Created sigil as a double door. Entered to a bright landscape with a Sun on my left and a Moon on my right- very dry and hot, the ground was dried and cracked like mud. A frog-like creature hops over- I test with Gemini and it burns it, the creature runs away. I see a penguin. I feed it the sigil of Gemini. It follows me as I walk. “How cute,” I think. I continue to walk around. I call to the genii. He appears to me as two young naked boys. The one on the left was black, the right was white. They spoke sometimes in unison, sometimes alternating. This produced quite a hypnotic effect. They repeated LXV regarding the ‘black and the white and the knowledge of their equivalence.’ The boys tell me that only in Binah can the knowledge of the equivalences of opposites be understood, yet I seek that knowledge anyway. They take turns quickly giving examples of opposites: Love/Hate = Emotional opposites; Black/white = color; logical/illogical = thought; in/out and up/down = position and the center thereof. They instruct me to use the sword (knife) to split impressions into opposites and analyze each half, then reunite into a perfect impression. I remark that it is easier said than done. I practice a bit with examples of work, my friends, my Will. I understand, yet I do not understand. I can, yet I cannot. I will, yet I will not. I know, yet I do not know. Knowing (pun) that I have received a valuable lesson, I split the sigil into two and give each opposite of the genii a half. They consume and turn away from me and walk. As they walk away, their respective colors switch, then switch back, then blend together to grey, then back to black and white then to grey again. Finally to a rainbow and they are gone in a bright light. Sign of Silence and I am back with my physical body.

Love is the law, love under will.


An. C Sol in 2° Aries

03/22/04 ev Monday

Luna 1627 hrs.

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

Showered and robed with Spells. XXV, V, Greater Fire Opal invoking Luna. Verse 7 of 231 and chanted the name CHARACITH 7 times. In asana for 7 minutes. Into astral temple. Framed sigil above alter. Apollo arrived with his chariot, pulled by two horses, one black, and one white. We ascend into space. I greet him and tell him I am looking for Characith.

Apollo: Go find him.

Apollo disappears from the chariot and I am in control. A crescent moon. I land thereon and it is as a half-pipe extending about a half mile wide. As I walk, small dark crabs crawl from the moon dust. I call to the genii and the amber-armored one appears. I test with Cheth, Luna, and the sigil of the genii. He roars with a high, metallic tone. He bears the crest of the crab upon his head. I tell him I want to know the secret of this path. He says the secret is in the Gra’al. I must strengthen my fervor to the Quest. I ask if I am to drink from the cup, or to put into the cup. Both. I drink the blood of the saints, and I give blood for the next knight seeking the Gra’al. I understood this as meaning that I receive assistance from God Most High, and yet I give that same energy to those I am in service to. I ask about 418. Characith explains that Binah and Geburah are Thelemic in their relationship. Geburah being Mars and Horus, Binah is Babalo0n. The essence concealed by pairs of opposites. Hadit between Chokmah and Binah. I felt I received what I had come for and I thank the genii. I return to my physical body.

Love is the law, love under will.


An. XCIX Sol in 28° Pisces

03/18/04 ev Thursday

Jupiter 0704 hrs.

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

Showered and robed with Spells. XXV and V. Vibrated 8 times TEMPHIOTH. Into astral temple. Drew sigil upon a black door. I entered a dark room. I flick the light switch on my left. A huge sun is on my left. I see a purple or black cat on my right, and worried it would die from the heat, I picked it up. I slowly creep around the sun and to my surprise it is mechanical. A frail, impish man is operating it. He motions for me to pull a lever nearby. I do and the ceiling opens and the sun slowly ascends. The cat and I sneak out through the ceiling. I rise up into the air and look down. The mechanical sun is rising from behind a pyramid (a step-pyramid). I descend to earth and sit on the bottom step of the pyramid. I say to the cat, “Waddya say we walk around a bit?” We stroll through this ancient Egyptian city. Into a tavern. I drink a beer at the bar. The cat, on top of the bar, nudges me. Assuming it is hungry, I feed it a Teth. It telepathically tells me to follow it. It leads me into a back room wherein are a fire and comfortable pillows, etc. on the floor. I sit. The cat nudges me again and I feed it a Sol. The Cat becomes the cat goddess Mau. She seems a bit shy.

T: Hello. Thanks for, um, trying to rescue me. What brings you to our little town?

414: I am exploring the tunnels of the tree of life, this place corresponds with Teth.

T: Yes, well, we’re right in the middle. Whenever one side goes to war with the other, we get trampled.

414: A Mars/Jupiter relationship.

T: Here Take this. The Blood of Saints.

The spirit gives me a cup of blood. She instructs me that the time will come when I will have to give all my blood to that cup.

T: And you must vie all to me!

414: I am prepared to give all that I have and all that I am.

The Genii now is appearing more seductive.

414: What is your nature?

T: Well, I don’t have these claws for nothing! (She shows her claws.) But I am sweet and gentle also.

The Genii now lays next to me, pulling her dress higher up her thighs.

T: You must give every drop of blood to me.

I find myself getting aroused and then realize that I am indeed in the tunnel of Set.

414: What of the mechanical sun?

T: What? It is the Sun, that is all.

Now I become enraged and I rise off the pillows. The Genii is worried.

414: This is false. Your sun is a fake. I curse and banish you, demon of the Qliphoth!

The Genii pleads.

414: To think I was lost in this illusion and became aroused and almost gave myself, my blood, to you!

I banish her with an invoking Water pentagram, which extinguishes the Genii. I rise up above the city and create a large canvas with the sigil. I lay it upon the city. It dissolves into nothing. The lion-figure from the sigil walks up, collects the canvas, and casually walks off. I create the sigil of Earth and reunite with my physical body.

Love is the law, love under will.


An. C Sol in 1° Aries

03/21/04 ev Sunday

Sol 0906 hrs.

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

Showered and robed with Spells. XXV, V, Greater Invoking Fire Opal for Virgo. Verse 9 of 231. Vibrated YAMATU 9 times. In asana for 9.5 minutes. Into astral temple. In circle of yellowish green I created the sigil. As soon as I touched it, it became alive and the cross-like figure became as a drill and created a hole in the floor of the temple. I descend into the hole into the Earth. It is dark and I am claustrophobic. I take out my wand which illumines. I change my feel into a jackhammer and I descend quicker. I burst into a dark, dank cavern. I walk calling to the Genii. A figure approaches from a side tunnel. He is robed in red with a lamp. He looked very ragged and scraggly. I ask who he is. He claims to be the Genii. I test with the Sigil. It entwines around him and he slowly dissolved to nothing. I continue to walk. A black crow caws at me, “Don’t go there! Stay away!” I ask why and it just repeats that phrase. I shoot it with a YOD. I notice a row of chairs to my left and a railing. Sterile. On my right is a large window to an operating room. 2 or 3 doctors therein attending to a human body. They seem to have accomplished something.

They announce rather proudly that they have succeeded in separating the spirit from the body. They lift the body from the table and vulgarly toss it onto another table. Remaining on the first table is a silvery light, very fine and fibrous. The fibers coalesce to an egg shape. A hand touches my right shoulder as I am sitting in the front seat in the row of chairs. On the middle finger is a ring with a diamond shaped stone that radiated light.

414: Yamatu?

Y: Yes

Yamatu moves forward and sits to my right.

Y: They think they have separated the Spirit from the Body. They have not, they have only removed the body of light.

414: How did they do that?

Y: They cut the nerves that connect the two. The body of light cannot survive without the body.

It needs the nourishment from the body. Both will die soon. It is as a baby in the womb- it needs the umbilical cord, which are the nerves of the solar plexus. Perhaps if the spirit grows strong enough, it could be separated from the body at Death. Life could be merely the gestation period. The body of light, however, is dependent on the body.

Thus do I understand the King Color of Yod, and the intimate relationship between the physical and astral bodies.

414: What about the sigil?

Y: The creative seed, without direction, is frantic and eventually grounds itself into the earth, dissipating its energy.

I understand the Virgin is ever the virgin. She receives the seed of Yod and then grows the new birth, the spirit, but she remains ever the virgin.

The doctors point to me and say I am next. They approach me and I battle them easily with Yods. I thank the genii and reunite with my physical body.

Love is the law, love under will.


An. XCIX Sol in 29° Pisces

03/19/04 ev Friday

Venus 0716 hrs.

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

Showered and robed with Spells. XXV, V and Greater Fire Opal invoking Jupiter. Verse 10 of 231 and chanted KURGASIAX 10 times. 12.5 minutes in asana. Into astral temple Black sigil on violet background. As a door. Entered. I am in an old Victorian town. First thing I see is a carriage wheel then I zoom out and see the carriage stroll by and the road, trees and homes. It appears to be fall season. I search for the Genii asking people if they recognize the Fortune Atu. No one does. I see to my right a dark tunnel leading behind a building. The sigil of the Genii faintly floats therein. I use the wand as a torch and enter. (I must note my attire; I was dressed in a black suit, with white cumber bum, black top hat, and smoking pipe- very fitting to the times.) The tunnel is wet and dank. A small stairway leads down a narrow tunnel. I descend, almost a 90 degree angle from the horizontal. Now in a large chamber. Circular. Below are 6 gates of water with a regulator in the middle. An old man dressed for the times is in an automobile- NOT suited for the times. He greets me and I give him the sigil of the Genii.

K: I see you have found that which could not be found.

414: ?

K: Your vessel of Quicksilver.

I knew he referred to my new outlook on my physical vehicle. The new vehicle is at my command.

K: The water here leads to each of the 6 sections of the city. Each section must get equal water.

He discussed with me regarding Set, Typhon and the Sphinx as all being part of this vision. Each must receive their share of the water (i.e. impressions). This was taken to mean that impressions received by the vehicle must be attributed consciously to one of the 6 “roads” of the “city”. (C.f. Liber LXV) Kurgasiax had a very loving, fatherly quality. A joyous lesson.

Love is the law, love under will.


An. XCIX Sol in 27° Pisces

03/17/04 ev Wednesday

Mercury 1932 hrs.

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

Showered and robed with Spells and “a ka dua”. XXV, V, Greater Fire Opal invoking Libra. 11 knocks on Bell. Verse 11 of 231 and vibrated LAFCURSIAX 11 times. Asana for 9 minutes. The Sigil appeared in front of me. Suddenly I was in a natural place. The cross from the sigil was on my right. It was of wood, like a tree in the ground and it was leaning to the right. To my left was a stick-man holding the scales, as in the sigil. One of the cups was stuck on a tree branch and the figure was struggling. I ask who he is. He says he is the judge and he must hurry or he will be late. I walk around him to see that the scale is stuck on the tree. I tell him just to relax and take a step back and he will be free. He says he cannot, he must hurry and get there. I did not ask him where ‘there’ was. I unhook the scale and from the force of his struggle he shot up into the air and was gone. I walk to the cross and set it upright, the arms grab me. I free myself and project a Lamed into the cross. It stiffens and turns to a marble cross with 4 spheres on each limb. Clockwise from top; Red, Yellow, Green, Blue. A hole in the center from which a snake slithered out and wrapped himself around the cross. I elevate upwards into space. Invoking the Genii I create with the Wand and emerald circle and a triangle of Air. A small dwarf-like creature walks from my left and casually places the American Woman of Justice at the apex of the triangle. I place the Sigil upon her face and say, “Awake! Arise!”

L: Who are thou who hast awakened me?

414: I am Frater 414, I seek the wisdom you possess.

L: That wisdom is gone, it is no more.

414: You mean that it does not exist? It is non-existent?

L: The wisdom you seek for yourself does not exist.

414: Teach me about this path.

L: Give me your heart.

I pull my physical heart out of my chest and place it in the left cup of the scale. Lafcursiax plucks a feather from a peacock and places it in the right cup. The feather drops like lead.

L: This is not your heart! You cannot fool me!

I pull my true heart from my chest (it was the traditional symbol of a heart) and place it in the left cup. The “heart” now drops like lead.

L: You will be torn to bits in the deepest pits of Hell if you do not adjust your heart.

I learn that these are emotions and anxiety that weigh my heart. I must lighten my heart through conscious adjustments of behavior, and by more ritual and meditation. This I gleaned on my own, as the genii said she could not teach me what to do, I had to learn instead. This would explain the blindfold of the Genii. She is indiscriminate and does not see who is before her, but Hers is the scale.

I was so gladdened by the lesson that I created many gifts for her; a golden Lamed, Roses and Emerald jewels. This angered the Genii.

L: You cannot buy your attainment!

With her sword, the Spirit slices me in two, right down the center.

L: Now make the proper adjustments!

I coagulate myself. I receive the sword and the crown and I know what must be done. I create the sigil of earth and descend into my physical body. HPK and I am done.

Love is the law, love under will.


An. XCIX Sol in 26° Pisces

03/16/04 ev Tuesday

Mars 0732 hrs.

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

Showered and robed with Spells and recital of VII: I. XXV, V, Fire Opal invoking Water. Verse 12 of 231. Chanted MALKUNOFAT as I sat to asana. Immediately the sigil appeared before me. I enter into the center of it. I am in a violent sea of water. Waves are thrashing about me. It took me a moment to realize what to do. I rise up from the water and fly to the edge of the body of water, which is suspended in space. Underneath is a dark creature, very large, manipulating the bottom of the Water with its pinchers. The creature is not familiar to me. I give it the ATU XII and it spits it out. I see now it has the head of a ram, Aries, so I banish with Inv. Water Hex. The Creature flees. The body of water is now very calm. I fly to its surface and look at my reflection therein. A great white shark grabs me with its jaws and pulls me under. I touch its head with the Atu XII and he lets me go. I swim about underwater, still looking for the genii. I notice the oddity of breathing under water. From above, a large creature, either a large jellyfish or a lotus flower. There were petals surrounding an opening. In the opening was a single, yellow, pointed spike or a phallus perhaps. It scoops me from the water and ascends. I am standing on top similar to Harpocrates on the lotus. I continue upwards. At the edge of the Universe I hit an invisible wall. Remembering a previous lesson in the astral, I dematerialize a bit, making myself less dense and I pass through. I see a figure or Moses perhaps. Grey beard, white/grey robe sitting on an elaborate chair. I greet.

M: I see you’ve made it. Welcome.

414: I have, but what now?

M: Stop the chaos in your thoughts. Geburah and Hod are linked together by me. Rise above the hostile waters of thought.

I understand and give the sigil to the genii. He emits a golden glow. He had a wand which at the tip was a golden sphere.

I created sigil of Earth and return to my physical body.

Love is the law, love under will.


An. XCIX Sol in 25° Pisces

03/15/04 ev Monday

Luna 1735 hrs.

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

Showered and robed with Spells. XXV, V, Fire Opal invoking Scorpio. Asana for 6 minutes after invocation to IAO and verse 13 of 231. Chanted NIANTIEL. Into astral temple. Sat on Atu XIII as a magick carpet and pushed the sigil as a button. I was flying in a ravine that was the putrid greenish blue of the Path. I called to the Genii. As I traveled I was repeatedly stung by scorpions and bit by snakes. Suddenly the reaper from the Atu rises up and comes towards me- I fire a Nun and it and it crumbles to bones. Again I call to the Genii. I transform myself into the reaper from the Atu and fly through dark space. An image of the reaper again approaches. I knew this was the genii. I give him the sigil and he eats it. This adds flesh to the skeleton and he now resembles the figure from the Sigil in 231. He keeps saying that he is going to kill me. This angers me and I constrain him with his sigil. He is quite angry. He says certain parts of me need to die. I am weak because I keep these parts alive. He knew I was anxious to finish the skrying so I could…….. He says what dies decomposes into the material from which something new is created. The knife will slay impressions, and they will decompose into material for new impressions. I knew his lesson well. This perfectly relates to the Knife and to impressions, particularly the emotions, which relate the sword to the wand.

Love is the law, love under will.


An. XCIX Sol in 22° Pisces

03/12/04 ev Friday

Venus 0704 hrs.

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

Showered and robed with Spells and recital. XXV, V, and Greater Fire Opal invoking Sagittarius. Invocation to IAO and verse 14 of 231. In asana for 11 minutes. Into astral temple quite easily. Created sigil of SAKSAKSALIM above altar and invoked. I took the sigil and created a Bow (rainbow) and stood myself on the Arrow thereof. I shot straight up, piercing the sky and into space. I curve to my right on the arrow and hit a large white pear. I take a small bite and am nourished. I create the letter Samekh as a prop I can sit on. I fly about for a short time. A great warrior descends. His armor is red-orange; his head had a solar disc behind it. His whole body radiated a spiritual fire. He is commanding a chariot of two horses. Armed with a bow and arrow he speeds past me and slays him a bear. He approaches me and we greet. I give him the sigil of Sagittarius and he thanks me for the gift, putting the arrow in with his others. I also give him the sigil of the genii and ask what it is. He folds up the sigil and puts it in his breast pocket. He says it a type of map, it is a symbol used to mark position. I ask why the figure is upside-down. (I have given to call this being Apollo.)

Apollo: The figure is you, me and indeed everyone else. You’re upside down because it resembles a lack of control. Literally they’ve got you dangling by your ankles. Also, it shows a going downwards or inwards, as opposed to upwards and outwards.

414: I wish to gain knowledge of this path.

Apollo: Alright! I am glad you asked.

I board his chariot and we travel. He offers me a bow to hunt if I wish. I take the bow and with Sagittarius, aim at the Peeled Wand of my God, and I hit. We arrive at a house of light blue color, not very royal, built of stone. Immediately inside is dark and dirty. Earthy colors. I smell something vile. A huge, fat, monstrous human sits amidst a pile of food, gorging. He is jolly and greets us. I give him the sigil of SAKSAKSALIM and he eats it, becomes more hungry, quickening his intake of live chickens and bread, wine and other foods. Apollo tells him that I am a newcomer to this path, and I’m here to explore a little. The fat man suggests we go find Diana who is “around here somewhere.” We find Diana in the kitchen. She looks like the woman from Atu XIV. She is mixing some drink. The fat man complains that she cannot get it right. I ask her what she is doing.

Diana: Well I’m trying to make an elixir, but I can’t get the mixture correct.

414: What is the elixir for?

D: It’s for him. (She motions toward the fat man.) It is so he can increase his appetite and eat even more. Like he needs to! My boy, don’t be given to excess like him. You are taught to exceed, but be smart about it. Proper proportion is a must.

414: I understand. Thank you.

At this point, I realize that I appear as a boy, a child. I am only about as tall as Diana’s breast, and barely can see onto the counter-top. Noticing this as I did, I ask Diana why this is so.

D: Not to worry, Sweetheart, in time you will grow. Don’t be too quick to grow up. Use this time to become strong.

I understood this in a spiritual sense, not in a mundane sense, although it could apply both ways. I ask for a sip of the elixir, which she finally succeeded in mixing.

D: Ok, but be careful, it’s quite strong.

I take a sip and thank her. I thank Apollo and tell him that I can make it home on my own; he can stay here and enjoy his friends. I thank the Fat Man (SAKSAKSALIM) and I fly outside the house and upward into the blue sky. Lightning strikes me through the top of my head and out my feel. I am infused by the lightening and it ascends me upwards. I then contract to an infinitesimal size. Before reaching nothingness, I create the sigil of Earth. Smaller and smaller I contract spherically until finally I am completely gone. I reunite with Body of Assiah in sign of Silence.

Love is the law, love under will.


An. XCIX Sol in 10° Aquarius

01/30/04 ev

Venus 1620 hrs.

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

Showered and robed with Spells. XXV, V and Fire Opal. Verse 15 of 231 after invocation to IAO. Chanted A’ANO’NIN while sitting to asana. Framed the Sigil above the altar and pushed like a button. The figure became three dimensional. I grabbed it and it rocketed me upwards into space. I call to the Genii of this Prison. The figure of Baphomet appears. I test with Capricorn. He roars with power. I ask for a key. He sees me holding the Sigil and says that it looks like I’ve found it. The elongated figure of the Sigil is very much like a phallus. As I notice this fact, and become aware of the Genii’s erect phallus, I am sucked into a type of worm-hole – blue-grey. I climb my way up and now am on the surface of a dark planet. Grey and blue also. Many beings running around pointlessly. I almost get hit by a centaur. I banish with the Sigil of Capricorn and surround myself with invoking earth pentagrams. I call to the Genii and He again appears as Baphomet. I ask the nature of the Path of this Prison. He laughs and says it will never happen.

414: What?

A: Your redemption.

414: Why will it never happen?

A: Because you won’t let it! You think you do but you do not. You think too much! Don’t think, just be and feel. Allow the light to come in. Light has not been here for millions of years. (Referring to this planet, i.e. Prison)

A: I am the Lord of the Gate of Matter. Light does not come in because I do not let it. I am imprisoned here, and so shall you be!

414: I Will Not! I will overcome.

A: Then stop thinking!

I thanked the Genii for His lesson though at the time I thought it rather odd. I return to my body.

Love is the law, love under will.


An. XCIX Sol in 19° Pisces

03/09/04 ev Tuesday

Mars 0733 hrs.

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

Showered and robed with Spells. XXV, V and Greater Fire Opal for Mars. Invocation to IAO and verse 16 of 231. Tratika on sigil very briefly. Into astral temple. Created sigil on a curtain and cut the curtain down with the Sword. Curtain was of bright scarlet. In an Earth-like setting. The mansion from the sigil appeared. I traversed the many steps leading into the mansion. In the doorway was a body hanging by the neck. He looked like my physical vehicle. Dressed in red clothing. Suddenly many soldiers run past me, they are chasing another man. They all run outside. I cut down the hanged man with the sword. A tap on the shoulder. A young man with Double Crown of Khem. He asks what we should do. I explain that I do not know what is going on. He explains that the soldiers murdered everyone in the house, except him because he was hiding, and the man they are chasing is his brother. He asks for my assistance. I quickly oblige and we fly after the sigil of Mars. I then constrain them all to the triangle outside the circle I am standing within. They combine into one large, strong, ugly creature. His skin is black and rotten. His face is hideous with horns and sharp, jagged teeth. He is wearing a ripped and torn scarlet garment. He is growling and appears very angry. I give him the sigil of the Genii and he consumes it and gives a growl and a short glow. PARFAXITAS? He communicates that he is. Note that this spirit was incapable of human-like speech and communicates by other means. I release him from the Triangle. He is angry with the Double Crowned One. I learn that he killed the family because of some financial deal gone bad. I proclaim that I cannot stand in the way of their battle, who am I to decide on this matter? They battle with swords. Each time one is injured, they are not fazed, but continue with battle. I understand that the war will not end, there will be no winner. Note the Double Crowned One seems to partake of Hod/Chesed and the Monster of Netzach/ Geburah. As I realize the eternal war, the two stop fighting and unite to become one man. Elderly, with Double Crown, scarlet robe and armor, and a white beard. He is the true PARFAXITAS.

P: You are right; the war cannot be won by either side. The only solution is to call a truce. A High Magick operation would unite the two opposites, but this is not yet something you can do. The relationship is eternal war, each side thinks it can win, but they just keep fighting. They just have to try to get along, or much energy is lost.

We travel to Mars.

P: You see here, they have found water on Mars.

Displayed on His index fingertip is a microscopic water molecule.

P: The emotions are tainted with intellect and the intellect with emotion. They are, everything, in admixture.

This reminded me of Liber LXV Cap. I.

I understood the lesson given by this Genii and I thank him and return to my body.

P: No! Thank your Self!!

Love is the law, love under will.


An. XCIX Sol in 17° Pisces

03/07/04 ev Sunday

Sol 1149 hrs.

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

*Note: Upon investigation, it has been discovered that Verse 17 and Verse 4 of Liber

CCXXXI must be reversed to conform to Liber AL that Tzaddi is not the Star. It is obvious that verse 4 suits well the Emperor, and verse 17 the Star.

Sitting in living room in asana. Into body of light rather easily. Into astral temple. XXV and V. Sigil appeared above the altar. It radiated a red light from the phallus and set the temple ablaze. A Ram rises from the ashes. I mount the Ram and we ride off. I call to the genii. A wall of scarlet appears and a being emerged there from. He has the head of the sigil and the body of a prince. He carried a wand and wore a red cloak with the sigil upon it. I greet him and test with Tzaddi and the sigil. He receives both and they add to his power. I ask for a lesson and he replies with, “Granted.” We fly upwards into space. A landscape. Martian. We are standing on a cliff. Below is a legion of beasts and monstrous beings. The genius explains that his army is always prepared for battle. They await his command and do not act until he gives that command. TZUFLIFU instructs me to take command of my legion of demons and establish dominion over them completely. They must all await and obey my command, and none other’s. He demonstrates by igniting fire around and upon his army. They stir not, but stand there burning. Then he gives the magical command and they promptly extinguish the fire and assemble immediately back into their ranks. I understand his lesson and return back to my body.

Love is the law, love under will.


An. XCIX Sol in 16° Pisces

03/06/04 ev Saturday

Saturn 1050 hrs.

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

Showered and robed with Spells. XXV, V and Greater Fire Opal invoking Pisces. Invocation to IAO and Verse 18 of 231. Chanted QULIELFI while sitting to asana. 10 minutes total. Visualized sigil and repeated verse 18 from memory. Entered astral temple with easy transference of consciousness to astral body. Created the sigil above alter, called to the Genii and repeated the verse. The arch of the sigil rotated clockwise. A short time elapses then I enter into the center of the sigil. I see I am inside of a metal sphere that is rotating quickly on all axes. The metal is grey, or stone-color. I am tossed about. I raise myself to the center and the sphere continues to spin but I am unaffected. I fire a Qoph at it and it bounces back into me. (The Moon is reflection.) I project the sigil into the metal and a hole is ripped through. I exit and find myself in empty space. Small pearl like orbs fly around me. I catch one and it disintegrates into blood through my fingers. I catch another and am very gentle not to destroy it. It is an egg. This egg disintegrated into blood also. The blood drips through my fingers and down into a crevice, or a rip in space. I slip myself into this crevice. Inside is a red colored, fleshy material, dripping and pulsating. I work my way further and an Egyptian woman I find sitting on a throne of this fleshy substance. I give her the sigil asking if she is the genii. She is, and seems very seductive as if trying to lure me. I ask for a lesson. The spirit says I will find it. I continue to advance through the cavern. I ask the Genii where I am, she answered that I am in the Womb. I assume Keph-Ra and roll a ball of dung through the womb. I finally approach the surface and break through; my ball of dung is now the sun and illuminates the new world I have broken through to. It is Earth. I exit the hole and briefly feel like a larva. I grow into 414 and a Sun is just above and behind my head. I rise up looking down at the Earth. She appears as a pregnant woman. I am in adoration. I descend down and come to lie in her bosom. A voice says to me, “Know your own cycles.” I knew I had received what I had come for and subsequently resolved to travel to the Saratoga Hills. I thanked the genii and returned to my body in Assiah.

Love is the law, love under will.


An. XCIX Sol in 12° Pisces

03/02/04 ev Tuesday

Mars 2131 hrs.

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

Showered and robed with Spells. XXV and V poor. Verse 19 of 231. Chanted RAFLIFU as I extinguished candles and sat to asana. I entered the astral temple. Created a door (black) with the sigil upon it. I open the door and walk through. I am in the midst of a substance. Two substances, one blue and the other orange. I am walking through it. It is sticky like glue. Smells pungent like super-glue. I raise my body of light upwards into darkness. I invoke Raflifu. A large black sun appears and shines its light upon me. Its light was black. I hold up the sigil of the Genii. I am lifted up by the rays of black light. The light has immense power. I again invoke the Genii. The horned, inverted trident figure from the Sigil approaches. No words were ever spoken by anything but myself. Oh yes, when I rose out of the room of blue and orange glue, it appeared as a box of unrecalled color, becoming smaller. It had written upon it the word USED or YOUTH. The Genii is floating around me. I display the Sigil and ask to be taught. I look over my right shoulder to see the shadow I cast from the Black Sun. The Shadow is orange, as if everything was reversed. The Sun is Dark and the Shadow is Light. I turn away from the Black Sun to study the “Shadow”. The shadow grows in size fully reflecting me. It gains detail and clarifies. The Genii, armed with one of the clefts as an axe, chops the point where the shadow and I connect. Before I viewed the Shadow, I looked down at my arms and hands, which were Black- totally devoid of any color or light. My shadow begins to float away. I grab it and, dipping my fingers into the box of glue, paste my shadow to the floor next to me. The Sun and the Genii are gone. I take my shadow by the hand and we fly about looking for the Genii. We cease flying and suddenly my shadow and I come together and our lips meet. We dissolve into one another. Light is flashing in my physical eyes from that experience. Fully integrated I, the new I, creates a door back to the body. Sign of Silence and the vision is over.

Love is the law, love under will.


An. XCIX Sol in 11° Pisces

03/01/04 ev Monday

Luna 1839 hrs.

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

Showered and robed with Spells. XXV, V, and Fire Opal invoking Fire. Invocation to IAO and verse 20 of 231. Chanted SHALICU while entering asana. Created sigil in the astral. Placed my hand on it and the sigil attached itself to my hand. Then it became my hand. I banished with APO PANTOS KAKADAIMONOS. I create the sigil on a black curtain. I step through into a solid-grey underground tomb area. A few stone coffins. One had the sigil upon it. I pushed off the stone slab opening the coffin. Inside is a man, dead, resembling a King from medieval times, with chain-mail armor. I place a SHIN upon his chest and call his name. SHALICU! He awakens suddenly. He sits up and aggressively asks who I am and what I want.

414: I am Frater 414!

S: Why did you wake me?

414: I seek knowledge.

S: It does not exist. It burns!

414: I seek a lesson in your wisdom.

Shalicu stands and takes a few steps away from me. He has upon his shoulders a cloak of orange scarlet with the sigil thereon. I constrain with a pentagram of fire that he teach.

S: Where are you?

414: In a tomb.

S: You think it’s better to be dead?

414: No.

S: Well I’ve just been resurrected by you, and I’d rather be dead. In the initiation, the transition from man to godhead involves Death. Maybe that Death is better than Godhead?

414: I don’t know.

S: Death is like the Silence.

We somehow arrive at a great library. Shalicu points out a man sitting reading. He is about 35, reading and wearing glasses. Shalicu urges me to watch as the man begins to age quickly. His hair falls out and he becomes fat and disgusting. Shalicu explains that he spend all his time reading and neglected everything else. (This relates to Hod and Malkuth.) Shalicu slices the head off of the man and sets fire to the library. Knowledge Burns! I exit back to my physical body.

Love is the law, love under will.


An. XCIX Sol in 8° Virgo

08/31/03 ev Sunday

Sol 0937 hrs.

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

Showered and robed with spells and flawless recital of VII; I. XXV and V excellent save for faint pentagrams. Invocation of IAO and reading of verse 21 of 231. In asana for 13.5 minutes. Chanting name THANTIFAXATH as I drew his sigil in my mind. Once relaxed, I jumped into the sigil. I was in a square black box. After feeling around for a minute I broke the box open with equal force on all sides. It unfolded into 10 squares, forming a Tau or cross. Interesting I thought, but not productive. I placed the sigil in empty space and constructed it as a button. Two large stone doors swung open towards me. Slowly they opened. Very tall. Inside I was at the outer wall of a castle. Grey stone with blue tint. A forest on my right. A dirt path underneath my feel I felt the dirt on my bare feet and smelled the trees and flowers. A black bird flew overhead. I approach an entranceway to part of the castle. A dark, dirty corridor. Using wand as a torch I proceed down. At the end was a room with a fireplace. Two large chairs were in front of the fire. In the left on e was an ugly, elderly man. He looked sickly. Grey beard and gray-blue clothing.

Seer: Thantifaxath?

Thantifaxath: Yes, yes, please sit.

I handed him a Tav and he relished in it, seemed to grow a little stronger.

T: This fire keeps me warm and comfortable, as I am very old.

S: Why are you down here?

T: No one in the kingdom likes me so they make me stay down here. It’s lonely

S: What is your job?

T: The kingdom needs me because I keep track of time. Without me there is no time and nothing could exist. People do not want to age. They try to stay young. That’s why they don’t like me. Son, on your path, you must be patient. ”Take your time” Do not rush through things just to get them done. They will not be done right and you will accomplish nothing. People think that time is so short that they must rush through everything. That is not true. Do things slowly y and understand all that you do, or do not do them. People also think that time is an illusion. Boy, you are going to die! Maybe not today, maybe not right now, but you will. The time in your current body is limited. So do not be idle and waste time. If time was an illusion, death is an illusion. But death is real or you.

S: Thank you for your time and speaking with me.

T: Anytime, anytime at all. I don’t get any visitors here and I am very lonely,

T: All these things, my boy, are in you. This fire, the kingdom, even me. They are part of you. They keep me in this cold lonely place, but I am more or less the foundation of the kingdom. Because of me, things can progress.

 S: Thank you much my friend, I must depart.

  I returned to my body and awoke.

 Love is the law, love under will.


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