Fortune Atu

Tarot – The Chariot (VII)

The Chariot: The Adepts Sacrifice   Cancer as attributed to the Chariot (ATU VII), calls in the Priestess (ATU II) as the moon which rules Cancer is attributed to her. It also calls in Fortune (ATU X) as Jupiter which is exalted in Cancer is attributed to it. Study of these two cards is a […]

Liber 231 – Appendix I

APPENDIX I  DOMARUM MERCURII CUM SUIS GENIIS  Aleph An. XCIX Sol in 13° Taurus 02/25/04 ev Mercury 1702 hrs. Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law. Showered and robed with Spells and ‘A Ka Dua’. Lit 5 candles; four at each quarter and one upon the altar. Performed the rituals XXV […]