Holy Qabalah

Tarot – The Hermit (IX)

The Hermit: The Hermaphroditic Source The first and natural inclination in contemplating this Atus is to say that the Hermit is one who moves within. Of course, if you ruminate even further and have a mystical bend to your thoughts, you would recognize that the source of being is a movement from within to without. […]

Notes on the Silver Star

By Frater 493  “as age by age the worlds do dissolve and change, and the universe unfoldeth itself as a Rose, and shutteth itself up as the Cross that is bent into the cube.” – Liber 418, 12th Aethyr  Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.  As we navigate the lesser paths of […]


THERE are seven keys to the great gate, Being eight in one and one in eight. First, let the body of thee be still, Bound by the cerements of will, Corpse-rigid; thus thou mayst abort The fidget-babes that tease the thought. Next, let the breath-rhythm be low, Easy, regular, and slow; So that thy being […]

Liber III vel Jugorum

Liber III vel Jugorum 0. 0. Behold the Yoke upon the neck of the Oxen! Is it not thereby that the Field shall be ploughed? The Yoke is heavy, but joineth together them that are separate — Glory to Nuit and to Hadit, and to Him that hath given us the Symbol of the Rosy […]