Discovering Gnosis

Discovering Gnosis : First Matter By C. F. Russell

First published in The Occult Digest, October 1930 THE FIRST MATTER A Series of three Articles By C. F. Russell ALCHEMY is an Arabic term comprising the article “al” and the adjective “khemi” which means “Egyptian.” The chief pursuit of the Alchemist is the same as that of the mystic, the magician, and occultists in […]

Discovering Gnosis: The Sacred Human

  Gnostic philosophy is often confused and misrepresented as the synonymous with traditional Christian Religion. Branded as heretics and marginalized by the more modern religions of the world, Gnosticism holds one of the most self-respecting belief systems to date. Often confused with more traditional sects of Christianity, the truth of what this ancient Science teaches […]

Discovering Gnosis – Introduction

I am euphoric to have this opportunity to contribute to this work in motion. Thelemic Gnosticism is very exciting to be a part of because of its timely addition to the Great Work. Occultism is popular for many reasons these days. Who can blame those who are curious and consider the mysteries to be worth […]